NBA All-Star Weekend Recap: Kobe’s Farewell, Drake & Reggie Miller’s Ping-Pong Challenge, & More!

Despite the frigid temperatures in Toronto, players, celebs, and their families had a ball at All-Star Weekend leading up to the big game last night.

It was a bittersweet opening to the game as the crowd and fellow players acknowledged Kobe Bryant‘s final appearance at the All-Stars. A four-time All-Star MVP, Kobe’s farewell was kicked off by a speech from Magic Johnson, followed by a video montage of major NBA faces paying homage to the retiring legend.

Russell Westbrook continued his winning streak, helping to lead the West to a 196-173 win and taking home the NBA All-Star Game MVP honors. “I was honestly surprised I won it again,” Westbrook told ESPN. “I was very surprised to have my name called. I’m happy and blessed to be in the game again and for the opportunity.” Stephen Curry came through in the clutch, hitting a three-pointer inside the half-court stripe with just seconds left in the game. Check out highlights above.

To top it off, fans are calling this year’s Slam Dunk contests one of the best in NBA All-Star history. Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine went head-to-head racking up perfect scores, and even ran out of dunks to do.

Funny man Kevin Hart challenged power forward Draymond Green to a 3-point contest. Despite his, um, obvious disadvantage, Hart almost tied with the Golden State Warriors pro. Check out the hilarious clip:

If you were able to catch the TNT pre-show, you would have noticed a little ping-pong face-off between Drake and Reggie Miller. The NBA legend and TNT analyst challenged Drizzy on Twitter earlier this month, and it seems they were serious. Catch footage of the #HotlinePing below:

In between games, celebs also had a chance to step out for some partying. The Curry’s, The Pauls and The Wades both squeezed in a date night.

Oh, and we hope you didn’t think the below-zero weather would stop our faves from showing some leg…


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5 Things We Would Love To See Happen But Probably Won’t!


1. Lebron James Enter The Slam Dunk Contest

Lebron James entered the NBA in 2003 with a lot of expectations on his shoulders. Its 2014 and although “King James” has many accomplishments in the NBA, he is missing one! Lebron has never competed in the “Slam Dunk Contest”. Every year right before The All-Star Break, a video seems to “surface” of Bron Bron showing off various Slam Dunks. This year Lebron even went as far to say he’d win the Dunk Contest this year if he entered, leaving us all with the question….” Why don’t you just enter the contest?!” Michael Jordan has been in the contest. Kobe Bryant has been in the contest. Even Dwight Howard has participated! What are you waiting for Lebron?! Maybe you’re waiting so that you can hold the record for “oldest player to enter The Slam Dunk Contest.” At this point my money is on Lebron going bald before he enters The SDC!


2. Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

These 2 great boxers were supposed to fight back in 2010 but alleged disagreements between both of their camps caused the fight not to happen! It was supposed to be the highest grossing fight in boxing history. There was word that Mayweather wanted  Pacquiao to have an Olympic style anti doping test but Pacquiao denied having a blood work test done because he said it would weaken him before the fight. Since 2010 both fighters have fought many fights but not with each other. Mayweather’s record at this point stands at 45-0, while Pacquiao’s record stands at 55-5-2! If they fight and Mayweather wins then he’ll go down as one of the greatest ever. If he loses he’ll still go down as one of the greatest ever. I think we are all pretty much over this fight happening!

dr dre detox

3. Dr. Dre release DETOX

Hip Hop legend Dr. Dre has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and counting. He has worked with every artist you can think of! Dre has sold millions upon millions of records with his 2 solo albums, The Chronic & 2001.  There has been much anticipation for a 3rd album from Dr. Dre titled Detox. There have been many release dates and confirmation from artist like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and 50 cent. Dr. Dre also has his hand in other ventures besides making his own music such as endorsements, producing for other artists, and even marketing his own line of headphones, Beats By Dre. All of which have played a part in the delay of Detox. Some of his peers in the industry say that Dre’s working ethic is none like no other and when he’s involved with other projects it takes away his motivation to record new material for the Detox album. I guess if we want to hear a full Dr. Dre album then we gotta pull out that Chronic! 



4. Jay-z and Dame Dash Work Together..Again

Back in 2013 Jay & Dame reunited for a brief moment and it was great. As far as them working together again its highly unlikely. They built great history with Rocafella and made us all throw our diamonds up. Who knows what Rocafella could have been if there was never any issues between these 2.  It was nothing like seeing Dame Dash do his dance with a champagne bottle in his hand onstage at a Jay-z concert. Maybe one day we will see Jay-z perform The Dynasty: Roc La Familia live in concert at Cochella with everyone that was on the album!

state property

 5. Another State Property Album

For those who don’t know, the group consists of Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Oschino, Omillio Sparks, Young Chris & Neef Buck. Their 2nd album State Property Chain Gang Vol 2 can easily be considered a philly classic! Although it only sold 296,000 copies, the streets loved it! Who wouldn’t want to hear one more album or at least a mixtape from them. It’s only right! They were like a mini Wu-Tang Clan!

Magic Johnson Puts Up $1 Mil for Lebron James To Enter Dunk Contest!


Friday night on ESPN, The Magic Man himself Earvin “Magic” Johnson says that he will put up $1 Million dollars to the winner of next years slam dunk contest if The King, LeBron James enters! I mean not that money matters to LeBron but could you imagine if he enters & wins?! You wouldn’t be able to tell him ish!

CAPTION THIS: JaVale McGee’s Mom, Pam, Kisses Dr. J On The Lips!

JaValee McGee's mom Pam kissing Dr J at slam dunk contestSlam Dunk contest participant JaValee McGee sent his mom, WNBA star Pam McGee, to work over the judges a bit before one of his dunks. As she sashayed along in her purple dress kissing each judge on the cheek, good ole’ Dr. J got in a little extra something as she came by.

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The crowd reaction was priceless and accused Milf Hunter Delonte West become a trending topic on Twitter all of a sudden. That’s just foul, but Pam would be an upgrade for Delonte.

We’ve included a video of the whole thing but how would you caption this Kodak moment? Is Dr. J a smoother operator or is this malpractice?

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Blake Griffin Wins 2011 Slam Dunk Contest [VIDEO]

Blake Griffin Bounce-Pass Dunk From John Wall [VIDEO]

Top 5 Dunks That Did Not Win The NBA Slam Dunk Competition

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Blake Griffin Wins 2011 Slam Dunk Contest

Blake Griffin dunks over kia optima in 2011 sprite slam dunk competitionClippers All-Star Blake Griffin jumped over a Kia Optima with a gospel choir singing “I Believe I Can Fly” to win the 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk contest. While it was not the most spectacular dunk of the night (or even from Griffin) it capped one of the most entertaining dunk competitions in many years.

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While many conceded that Griffin was the runaway favorite, JaValee McGee, DeMar DeRosen, and Serge Ibaka gave the Blake show a run for his money. They brought an array of creative dunks that included slamming on two hoops at once, biting teddy bears off the rim and dunking from the foul line. But in the end it was Griffins raw power that edged out the competition.

Griffin dedicated the win to his friend Wilson Holloway who died this week of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Watch the final round below courtesy of

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Blake Griffin Bounce-Pass Dunk From John Wall [VIDEO]

Top 5 Dunks That Did Not Win The NBA Slam Dunk Competition

Blake Griffin Mourns Death Of High School Teammate

Top Four Contestants For The 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Competition