Soulja Boy’s Gained 50 lbs. Since Doing Time, Quit Drugs and Alcohol

Soulja Boy

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After his July release from jail, Soulja Boy has been pretty quiet which isn’t normal for the “Turn On My Swag” rapper but normal is exactly how Soulja is trying to live his life.

According to Soulja Boy’s manager, Miami Mike, Soulja has quit drinking and doing drugs, mainly sipping lean. The habit cost Soulja Boy a lot, $500 to $800 per day to be exact, his appetite and his health.

Now, the inventor of swag is 50 pounds heavier, clean, getting workouts in and spending less time on social media.

Soulja Boy Believes Burglary Was an “Inside Job”

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Although Soulja Boy is still in a jail cell, his team is still looking into the $500k burglary of his home.

According to sources, his team has looked into the home surveillance tape and there is evidence to show that the burglary was an inside job.

Soulja’s crib was robbed of jewelry, his iPhone, and cash while he was locked up for a probation violation earlier this month.

Cops now have the security footage and more security is being added to his crib.

Soulja Boy’s Home Burglarized

Soulja Boy Performs At Eve Nightclub

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Just a few days after being put in jail, Soulja Boy’s home was burglarized.

A caretaker called police Monday to report the burglary where thieves made off with jewelry, cash, and a phone.

Cops are reporting that five men who they believe are the burglars, went on Soulja’s IG Live and bragged about the crime.

Plus, get this, reports are Soulja knows nothing about the crime yet because he’s in jail.

Soulja Boy Arrested for Probation Violation, Ammo Found at His House


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Soulja Boy was taken to jail on Thursday (April 11th) when he showed up for his probation violation hearing.

The judge ruled that Soulja Boy has violated his probation in multiple ways, first he failed to do community service and he even tried to falsify paperwork that would show that he completed the community service.

Back in February, police raided Soulja Boy’s home and found ammunition, the police were investigating Soulja Boy’s girlfriend’s claim that she was being held against her will.

When Soulja Boy visited his probation officer in March, he was arrested but later released. Soulja Boy will stay in jail this time until his hearing on April 30th.

Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna Have Split

Bronner Brothers Official After Party Hosted By Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, and Blac Chyna

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After a couple of weeks, Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna have called it quits.

As you may know, their relationship started off as something to make Tyga upset but things went downhill when Tyga was the subject of an argument between the two.

Another reason for the split is that Chyna is more of a homebody, but Soulja wanted to hang out as a group a lot more leading Chyna to think he didn’t really want to commit.

Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna Spent Valentine’s Day Together


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It looks like things are beginning to heat up between Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna after a picture of the two together on Valentine’s Day hit social media.

Soulja posted a picture of them together in a car with the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Soulja also went to Twitter and posted two simple words, “in love.”

The two became lovebirds after connecting on IG a couple weeks ago, and  it looks as though things are moving fast between the two.


Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy Are Dating

The Hair Show WeekendKick Off Party Hosted By Blac Chyna

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Looks like Blac Chyna has moved on from Kid Buu and is now booed up with Soulja Boy.

Sources say that the two have been an item for about a week and got together thanks to the two sliding into each others DMs on Instagram.

After connecting they met at Sean Kingston’s penthouse and apparently haven’t been apart since their meeting.

Soulja Boy Is Done With Gucci


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Soulja Boy is joining T.I in boycotting fashion designer, Gucci.

You will remember that Soulja Boy wore a large Gucci head band to his now infamous interview with the Breakfast Club.

T.I is calling for a boycott of Gucci after they designed a blackface knit top.

Soulja Boy said he is giving away all of his Gucci items.

Soulja Boy claims he has spent over a million dollars in Gucci garments over the years.

Don’t go giving away your Gucci items just yet! Dapper Dan, the Harlem native who is credited with turning Gucci into popular sportswear and streetwear for athletes and rappers said that the CEO of Gucci is traveling from Italy to Harlem to meet with him and other members of the community and industry leaders about the blackface scandal

Soulja Boy Involved in Serious Car Accident

BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 - Arrivals

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Rapper Soulja Boy was involved in a car crash due to mudslides in Malibu, California.

“Was involved in a very bad car accident last night due to a flash flood and mudslide,” Soulja Boy recalled on Twitter.

Soulja also tweeted pictures of the mudslide and said, “My car got stuck too and almost went into the ocean.”

There is no word on injuries of any type as a result of the mudslide.

Rapper, Boxer & Dad: Is Soulja Boy Going To Be A Father?

2015 BET Experience - Sprite Green Room

Source: Chelsea Lauren/BET / Getty

Soulja Boy has a lot going on in his life and he may be adding a baby to the mix.

The rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the news with a photo of an ultrasound that says the pregnancy is 12 weeks along. No word on who the mom-to-be is, but Soulja has been linked to everyone from India Love to Alexis Skyy in the past few months.

The surprise baby news comes in the midst of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown‘s upcoming boxing match, which is set to take place in March. Soulja’s upcoming bundle of joy will either motivate him to go hard in the ring against Chris, or make him change his mind altogether.

Congrats to Soulja Boy!

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Soulja Boy Officially Charged With Felony Gun Possession

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Soulja Boy may have landed himself in some real trouble.

The rapper and producer was reportedly charged with felony gun possession, according to a new TMZ report that says police found weapons in his house during his December arrest.

“The L.A. County D.A. just slapped him with 2 felonies — possession of an assault weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was also charged with a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property … cops say one of the guns in Soulja’s house was reportedly stolen from a cop car,” the site writes. “The assault weapon charge is for a Mini Draco AR-15 … which is illegal for anyone to possess in California.”

If Soulja boy is convicted, he could face up to four years in prison.

Stay tuned for more updates. We wonder if this will affect his boxing match with Chris Brown

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You Won’t Believe What Kodak Black Said To Threaten Lil Wayne

Kodak Black

Source: Atlantic Records

Since coming home from jail last year, Kodak Black has wasted no time saying exactly how he feels.

Just last month, he took to Twitter to declare that he’s the best rapper alive over Lil Wayne and now he’s sending threats to the veteran rapper. In lieu of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown‘s beef heading to a boxing match, Kodak challenged the Young Money CEO to meet him in the ring, XXL reports.

He said in a new video, “Ay listen here man. Tell Lil Wayne fight me, know what I’m saying. We finna get in the ring, we finna fight — me and Lil Wayne. I’m finna knock that stupid a– n—a out. And if he whoop me, he the best rapper alive, ya heard me?”

He continued on while in the studio with A Boogie, saying, “Tell Lil Wayne fight me in the ring. And I’m gon’ beat his stupid a– and I bet everything on it. Since Soulja Boy and Chris Brown doing it, I don’t even need no trainer. I don’t need Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner,” Black rants. “I’m finna beat Lil Wayne stupid a–, watch!”

Kodak then posted another random clip to Twitter, saying, “Lil Wayne can eat my a–.”

A few months back, Wayne revealed that he had no idea who Kodak Black, Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi Vert was. Maybe this will grab his attention.


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Mike Tyson Drops A Diss Track To Soulja Boy

Nevada Boxing Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

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Nothing is worse than a Chris Brown/Soulja Boy beef that has Mike Tyson added to the mix.

The champ hit the recording booth this week with producer Damon Elliott to drop a verse for his new diss track to Soulja Boy, “If You Show Up. ” In the 30-second snippet of the track, Tyson can be heard singing over and over, “If you show up, it’s going down. I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out.”

Last week, the legendary boxer announced that he’d be coaching Chris Brown for his big celeb boxing match against Soulja Boy and in the song, Mike says, “I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out.” Soulja is reportedly being trained by Floyd Mayweather. According to reports, Chris is planning on doing a verse this week and has a music video is in the works.

It’s about to go down in Hollywood!

Source: TMZ

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Watch: Milla Jovovich Does The #SouljaBoyChallenge, ‘Resident Evil’ Edition


[anvplayer video=”4242199″]

Soulja Boy had the internet going crazy last week with his over-the-top retelling of a home invasion that sounded more like a video game than real life. Then his beef with Chris Brown made more headlines. Always quick with the jokes, Twitter created the #SouljaBoyChallenge, in which people tell unbelievable tales about their own bravery.

After I watched Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, I couldn’t help but think some of the scenes were directly out of Soulja Boy’s imagination. That’s why when I was interviewing Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil‘s leading lady, I asked her to do the Soulja Boy Challenge. She gladly obliged and gave us storytelling greatness right out of our favorite video game franchise.

Check it out above and be sure to go see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in theaters everywhere January 27th.

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Did YG Just Call Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Fake Gangstas?


Rapper YG has something to say about the ongoing feud Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Despite what both rappers claim, YG is letting the world know that neither rapper is really about the gang life.

On Friday (Jan. 6), Soulja Boy sat down with Hollywood Unlocked to breakdown the feud and how it all started. The “Crank That” rapper claims his rapport with Rihanna is what initially set Breezy off. During the interview, the Atlanta rapper also claimed to be a member of the Compton Blood gang.

“Me and Chris Brown are from the same hood,” he said. “I’m from Bompton, Fruit Town Piru. I’m a member of the Blood gang. CB is too, supposedly. Once we came out to LA, that’s who we got down with. When I was in Atlanta, I was out there gangbanging at 11-years-old. I’ve been fighting n****s my whole life since high school, in front of the whole school. CB hasn’t been to the hood in two years; he has to check in. I was just in the hood.”

YG, who is immediately called BS on those claims:

The Game jumped on The Shade Room to cosign:


In an interview with VIBE, YG discussed how becoming a Blood was a means of survival. “I gave my life up for this gangbang shit. The moment you get put on you gotta bang the hood and be involved in gang activities. I’m not trying to say I sold my soul, but I dedicated my life to the set. You could end up dead or in jail for the rest of your life; you feel me?”

In that case, its understandable why YG is super skeptical of other artists loosely claiming gang affiliations.

Do you agree with YG? Sound off in the comments.


So Low: Soulja Boy Involves Baby Royalty In Chris Brown Feud

Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash The 'Classic Throwback Concert'

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Soulja Boy threw Chris Brown‘s precious daughter Royalty into the middle of their ugly feud.

The rapper hit Instagram this morning with a photo of C.B.’s little girl that he got from her mom’s Instagram page. Oddly enough, the cute pic had Floyd Mayweather and Money Team tags on it – a reference to the artists’ proposed celeb boxing match to settle their score. Soulja’s message? Even Royalty is on his side.

TMZ spoke with Chris’ baby mom Nia Guzman to see why, of all people, she’d tag Floyd in Royalty’s pics. “So, does Nia want Chris to get his ass kicked? Probably,” the site reports. “But we spoke to her, and she says her Royalty pic had nothing to do with Chris and Soulja’s celeb boxing match. Nia says she and the kid have been hanging out with Floyd recently … and ‘Floyd is investing in Royalty’s future.’”

Of course, Breezy didn’t let the diss go unchecked. See Soulja stoop way too low for our tastes below, plus what Chris has to say in the video that follows.

What happened to Soulja’s apology and turning over a new leaf? That didn’t last long.


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