Former Ebony Editor-In-Chief Mitzi Miller Tapped As Head Of Development By “Think Like A Man Too’s” Rob Hardy

Mitzi Miller

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One month after Mitzi Miller exited Ebony magazine as their editor-in-chief, she has landed a job in Hollywood. Rainforest Entertainment CEO Rob Hardy, who also executive produced Think Like A Man Too, hired Mitzi as the head of development for the company, a role which was created just for her according to Indiewire.  Mitzi stepped down at Ebony after she served as the editor for 10 months, as well as being the editor-in-chief at Jet magazine.

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Mitzi, who is also a best-selling co-author to such books as The Vow: A Novel; The Angry Black Woman’s Guide to Life and the Hotlanta young adult series, saw The Vow turned into the Lifetime movie, With This Ring in January. Last month Mitzi announced her departure from the long running publication to pursue a career in television and film. In a released press statement, Mitzi remarked:

It is an incredible opportunity to work with Rob and the Rainforest team. There is an increasing demand from viewers for diverse, authentic content and I’m excited to develop new stories that resonate with these audiences.


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Kevin Hart Reponds To Sony Exec Shade: “I Protect My Brand”

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - February 27, 2013

Kevin Hart is not apologizing for his hustle. On the heels of Sony hackers leaking e-mails involving Sony Pictures executives dissing his request to be paid to tweet promotions for Think Like A Man Too, the comic is speaking out and isn’t backing down. Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton and studio exec Clint Culpepper discussed wanting Hart to use social media to promote Think Like A Man Too. While Hart was all for using his heavy online status to show love to the successful romantic comedy, he requested to be paid a bit more money than the $3 million check he took him to start in the film. Culpepper was irate over Hart’s demands and remarked to Pascal and Lyton:

I’m not saying he’s a whore, but he’s a whore.

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The exec continued to trash Hart in the e-mails and wanted to call his bluff, claiming it will cause his next two projects to bomb. Hart hopped on Instagram to sound off about the entire firestorm. According to the Top Five star:

I worked very hard to get where I am today. I look at myself as a brand and because of that I will never allow myself to be taking advantage of. I own my brand…I make smart decisions for my brand…I protect my brand…which is why I’m able to brush ignorance off of my shoulder and continue to move forward.

Alright, Kev! Keep doing you.


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Sony Studio Execs Calls Angelina Jolie “Spoiled Brat” & Kevin Hart “Greedy Whore”




Angelina Jolie & Kevin Hart

Sony Pictures executives shouldn’t expect an invite to Angelina Jolie or Kevin Hart’s house anytime soon. In newly leaked e-mails courtesy of the anonymous Sony hacker, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s co-chairwoman Amy Pascal’s in the center of it all surrounding the talent working for her company. Mega producer Scott Rudin had some choice words to Pascal about Jolie trying to get critically acclaimed director David Fincher (House of Cards, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Gone Girl) to direct her in a Cleopatra remake. Rudin, who is behind such films as The Social Network and Moneyball (which Angie’s little known hubby Brad Pitt starred in), was trying to secure Fincher himself for the biopic of Steve Jobs. During a e-mail conversation with Pascal, the two get into a heated exchange over Jolie’s push for Fincher. According to Defamer, Rudin fired off a terse response to Pascal stating:

I’m not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie. I have no desire to be making a movie with her, or anybody, that she runs and that we don’t. She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming. We will end up being the laughing stock of our industry and we will deserve it, which is so clearly where this is headed that I cannot believe we are still wasting our time with it.

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Ouch! In the end, Sony’s rival Universal Pictures snagged the Jobs movie instead.

In another e-mail correspondence involving Pascal, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton and studio exec Clint Culpepper wanted Hart to promote Think Like A Man Too on social media. Apparently Hart and his agent would’ve be more than happy to promote the film to the funnyman’s followers, for the right price. It seems Hart would only spread the word online if the studio shelled out more money on top of the $3 million he received for making the the romantic comedy. Culpepper was flabbergasted by Hart’s demands and remarked:

I’m not saying he’s a whore, but he’s a whore.

Culpepper went on to question why Hart never offered to negotiate his new demands before signing onto the movie and pondered if they should call his bluff. Culpepper states:

It’s not as if we paid him 3M and 4M respectively for his last 2 films thinking he might be nominated. We paid for his ability to open a film which included his social media savvy. I feel like this is something that should be negotiated going into the film as opposed to after the fact. It feels tantamount to buying a car and then upon picking it up being told that the engine will cost extra. I’m tempted to suggest we call his bluff. If he doesn’t do his normal routine, his film will not open as well and his brand will appear diminished and he will- in fact – be fucking himself because we have his next 2 immediate films. And then there’s the social media precedent we’re setting…especially in light of the fact that Channing is at the same agency.

All parties involved have yet to comment.


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I Don’t: The Idea Of Marriage Scared Meagan Good In The Past

Celebrity Sightings In Philadelphia - June 13, 2014

Meagan Good wasn’t always the marrying kind until she met her husband.

To see Meagan now is to know that she is all about that wife life since she tied the knot with DeVon Franklin in 2012. It’s a huge change from how the Think Like A Man Too vixen once viewed the idea of getting married.

“I was really always afraid of marriage; I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ I’m such a free-spirited person,” she told Philly’s Hot 107.9. “The whole idea of submitting just freaked me out.”

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That all changed when DeVon came into Meagan’s life, and it made her believe that being a submissive wife wasn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world.

“When I met the right person, where submitting meant something totally different than what I thought it meant–it meant that I was his partner, that I was his backbone, that he actually cares about my opinion and that he actually seeks my advice–it just changed my whole entire perception of [marriage],” she explained.

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Meagan couldn’t be more thrilled to have DeVon by her side because not only are they spiritually compatible, they get along really well. For Meagan, their bond as friends makes their marriage even better. It’s part of what lets her know that she’ll be content being completely monogamous with him until death do they part.

“He really is my partner in purpose. He really is like my ride-or-die and I’m his ride-or-die,” “Anyway, I really like him a lot. A lot of people love the person they’re with. I really like him a lot and love him. So yes, I will have sex with him for the rest of our lives.”

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International Love: Taraji P. Henson Thinks About Looking For Mr. Right Abroad

Hollywood Bowl Opening Night And Hall Of Fame Inductions

Even for a gorgeous, super-likeable, Oscar-winning actress like Taraji P. Henson, finding the right man can be a challenge.

It’s hard out here for a pimp!

The Think Like A Man Too star has had quite a rise to fame and success. Recalling that she only had $900 to her name when the father of her child passed away, she told the New York Post that she came from very humble beginnings.

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“Listen,we’re like the Jeffersons. Now a big LA house. To us, it’s a mansion,”she said. Although Taraji is grateful for her success, her loved ones are still her focus. “My career’s good, but I think about my family. It’s just the two of us.”

Well, make that three. Taraji likes to make sure that she takes great care of her mother. Sometimes that means bringing her to red carpet events as a date, other times it means surprising her with a treat. “I’ll give her anything she wants. But she doesn’t want anything. She remarried. She found her lucky sucker,” Taraji said. “If you ask how’s Mama making it alone, you’re confused. She’s not alone. It’s me who’s alone. I’m always looking.”

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The spotlight has been a blessing to her family, but Taraji admits that it’s presented something of an obstacle in her love life. “Hard to maneuver when you’re in show business. It shrinks the search pool. I don’t want an actor. I want a life partner. A real one,” she said.

Taraji did have a prospect for a relationship not too long ago until she figured out that he was into her pulic persona. “I had a guy, but cut to the chase. He was starstruck. They fall for the lady on-screen,” the actress explained.

“Face it, I don’t wake up looking like Beyoncé,” said Taraji, who is thinking about international love. “I think I’ll have to start hunting abroad. Maybe get off the Northern Continent. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together.”


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‘Think Like A Man Too’ Tops The Box Office

Congrats are in order to the cast of “Think Like A Man Too!”

The hilarious sequel to “Think Like A Man,” featuring some of our fave actorsincluding Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good — was number 1 at the box office this weekend and raked in $30 million. The original “Think Like A Man” opened at the top spot with $33 million in 2012.

We’re totally excited for the cast, but we have to give it up for producer Will Packer. “Think Like A Man Too” is his third box office hit this year. He also produced “Ride Along,” which pulled in $41 million during its opening weekend and “About Last Night,” which included that infamous chicken suit sex scene, pulled in $26.5 million.

For those who say films with all-Black casts can’t do well on a mainstream level..


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Michael Ealy Says People Accept Husbands Cheating But Don’t Kill Him

Michael Ealy Discusses His Role In "For Colored Girls" (thumbnail)

Michael Ealy believes that attitudes about sex and love have changed so much over the years that people now openly accept marital infidelity.

In Think Like A Man Too, Michael plays a man who began a relationship after a one night stand with Taraji P Henson. The idea that you can find love in a salacious way is not so strange to him considering what people watch for entertainment these days.

“We’re in a society now where a lot of things are accepted. You see dysfunctional, cheating husbands on TV now. A one night stand has been happening for years,” he told Black Tree TV.

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So Forget Think Like A Man! Check Out How Hot Gary Owens’ Son is!!!

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Listen we all know how funny Gary Owen is and how much he loves his Black Wife and kids, but have you ever seen them!?!?  Something told me to look them up and look what I found!

First let’s meet his wife, Kenya Duke Owen, wife of comedian/actor Gary Owen. The couple has three kids together and resides in Ohio. Kenya Owens is the owner of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel, a successful travel management company that specializes in the travel of Professional and College Sports Teams, Music Tours, Independent film and TV production. Kenya’s company also specializes in the travel of Athletes and Entertainers


Now Gary has 2 children with Kenya.  They are younger like 12 and 13 I believe, but  THIS is his son Emillio from a previous marriage…

gary owens son


Check out Gary Owens break down the dynamics of his family hilariously right here…

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Meagan Good Wants To Sleep With The Same Man For The Rest Of Her Life [Exclusive Interview]


Meagan Good spent a little quality time with Shamara & Laiya from Philly’s Morning Show to promote her new movie Think Like a Man Too, which hit theaters June 20th. During the interview Meagan Good talked about her marriage to preacher and Hollywood Executive DeVon Franklin and how he’s the only man she will ever sleep with for the rest of her life. Check out the interview below…


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Think Like A Man Too hits the big screen this Friday. Last night Mary J Blige debuted the visual to ‘A Night To Remember’that’s off the available now ‘Think Like A Man Too’ soundtrack. The video super cute, reminds me of all the things a woman does to prepare herself for a night out with the girls & then all the fun that goes down once they hit the streets