15 NBA Players Who Took Their Hardwood Talents To The Booth

lou williams

Source: Rick Madonik / Getty

The saying goes, rappers want to ball, athletes want to rap, but unfortunately the abilities from the hardwood didn’t carry over to the booth for many of those that tried.

Take a look at 15 current and former NBA superstars that tried to take their talents to the studio.

Lebron James – F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Lebron tries to get his Hov on in his only freestyle video released. This isn’t as bad as some of the others, but still probably should have kept this for his own ears. He probably won’t be crowned King of the microphone anytime soon.


Kobe Bryant Ft. Tyra Banks – K.O.B.E

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 2

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty

Kobe was really feeling himself with this record, appropriately titled K.O.B.E. But again who wouldn’t? He took Brandy to his senior prom, and a few weeks later was the future of the Lakers, so we get it, but again, this would of been better to keep on his and Tyra Banks iPod.


Shaquille O’Neal – I Got Skillz

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant (L) talks to teamma

Source: Vince Bucci / Getty

Believe it or not, this song was a big hit on the Billboard charts at the time, and the album ended up going platinum, yes a million copies were sold. You know how many artists never accomplish that? Shaq really took advantage of his bigger than life character and cashed in. But believe it or not Shaq definitely has some flow compared to a lot of the other athletes.


Kevin Durant – Worried About Tomorrow

Milwaukee Bucks v Oklahoma City Thunder

Source: Chris Graythen / Getty


Kevin Durant seems to just rap as a hobby, and isn’t terrible. But it seems that he hops on tracks with his artist that he signed, to help give the song some more shine being he’s KD. Can’t get mad at that.


Ron Artest a.k.a Metta WorldPeace – Champions

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Victor Decolongon / Getty


Metta WorldPeace, aka Ron Artest, always had hip-hop in his blood since he grew up in NYC in its height of hip-hop dominance. And after winning his first championship with the Lakers, he let the world know through his song that he is the Champion!


Stephen Jackson – America Da Beautiful ft. Scarface

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty


Stephen Jackson retired from the hardwood and now lives in the booth. Unlike a lot of the one hitter rapper/ballers, he does it full time for a living now and goes by Stak5 and has collaborated with some big emcees from the south, including the track below with Scarface. His bars and concept behind this song are as real as it gets, but still needs to work on that voice complexion. He even called out his former owner Donald Sterling, for obvious reasons.


Steve Francis – Finer Things

Orlando Magic Steve Francis against Houston Rockets David Wesley

Source: Getty

Steve Francis was once a NBA star, then just disappeared from the league. Last we heard from Stevie Franchise, he was Drunk In Love at the club, and getting his chain snatched on stage in Houston. He sure seems to know how to get caught up in the “hip-hop drama”, just not so much on actually making quality hip-hop music.


Lou Williams ft. Meek Mill – I Want It All

lou williams

Source: Rick Madonik / Getty

6th man like Lou Will. After being name dropped heavy on Drake’s new song 6th Man, (and actually won 6th man of the year in the NBA in 2015). Lou has already been a “veteran” in this rap game. While playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Lou Williams linked up with Philly’s own Meek Mill for a few collabs.


Tony Parker ft. Fabolous – Top Of The Game


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

I bet a lot of you had no idea about this, because we didn’t. Back in the mid 2000’s Tony Parker took a try in the hip-hop game. His biggest song we could find featured Fabolous, but since TP rapped in French, we can’t tell you if the lyrics were any good, but those clothes, bring back some throwback memories!


Allen Iverson – 40 Barz


Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

A.I. was the king of the NBA at the time he released his rap debut. He kept it all the way streets unlike some other athletes, and to hip-hop fans, the content was nothing new, but to many media members it totally caught them off guard, and created quite the controversy in the media.


Iman Shumpert – The Offs

BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Red Carpet Presented By Sprite

Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty

Iman Shumpert is the reason for this whole post. He does have a few other songs out, and the concept behind a playoff anthem for his team is there. Kind of has a 3-stacks type of feel, in a way.


Chris Webber ft. Kurupt – Gangsta, Gangsta

NBA Playoffs: Pistons Beat Bulls 81-74

Source: Sporting News Archive / Getty

Chris Webber has been a major name in basketball since his freshman year at Michigan. His hip-hop career never really equated to that. Should of called a timeout before the beat dropped.


Joe Smith aka Joe Beast – The Beginning

Joe Smith

Source: TOM MIHALEK / Getty

Remember Joe Smith, the once first overall pick? Well he is now a full time rapper named Joe Beast. Enough said.


Cedric Ceballos Ft Warren G – Flow On

Cedric Ceballos

Source: PAUL BUCK / Getty

Cedric Ceballos, remember that name? Well back in the day he linked up with West Coast legend Warren G and made himself his own West Coast record.


Delonte West – KFC Freestyle

Delonte West Training For CBA 13/14 Game

Source: ChinaFotoPress / Getty

Delonte West and his cousin got their freestyle on for 5 minutes while waited for some chicken at KFC drive through. This by far, takes the cake with ballers thinking their rappers. “He got that KFC hookup.”

What Do Sport’s Salaries Say About America’s Values [Original]


With the NBA Finals in full swing, thousands of fans are intrigued by the dozens of plays that are made on a nightly basis. Whether it’s an alley-oop from Dwyane Wade to Lebron James of the Miami Heat or an ankle-breaking crossover from Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, viewers are always in for a treat. While watching the game the other night I had a friend ask me how is it that these players whose job is to get a ball into a hoop paid so much. Although undermining the work ethic and abilities of these athletes, this question draws attention to the business end of basketball (and professional sport leagues), another intriguing aspect of the game that continues to cause debate over whether or not professional athletes are overpaid. Is it fair that Lebron James made over 17 million dollars this year?

During the game after having been questioned by my friend, I answered his question with another question. I had asked, “In looking at how much these athletes make, where do you think all of this money comes from?” In sticking with basketball, I found that the NBA averages annual revenue of about $4 billion. This is a large number but what is even more surprising is where this money comes from. The average ticket price for Miami Heat Finals home games have been $570 per ticket. With a seating capacity of over 19,000 one sold out Finals game would bring in over $10.8 million, which doesn’t even include parking costs, food, beverages, and merchandise. Yes, this is a Finals game so tickets would be less during a normal season game but the numbers give an idea to how much one NBA game can generate. Even those who do not attend sporting events are still contributing to this $4 billion revenue if they are watching the games on TV, buying some of their favorite athletes jerseys, or purchasing other types of merchandise with their favorite team’s logo on it.

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In other words, most of us that condemn these athletes for their salaries are contributing to their paychecks by simply turning on the game. This has to make us wonder about whether or not we are debating the right topic. Should the debate be over whether or not these athletes are overpaid, or should it focus more on what their salaries say about America’s values when it comes to sports and entertainment.

words by: Giovanni Waters

NYC Nightclub Calls Foul On NBA Star Tony Parker Over The Drizzy And Breezy Brawl Lawsuit.

Is Divorce Good For Tony Parker? (thumbnail)


In the pending case brought by NBA star Tony Parker against owners of W.i.P. nightclub in NYC, the The owners of the nightclub want Chris Brown and Drake to fork over the money and pay up should Parker be awarded the twenty million dollars he’s suing for.

In June of last summer, the two artists lost their collective minds inside of  W.i.P. and tons of glass was thrown around, which allegedly did damage to Tony Parker’s eye, thus giving him reason to bring forth the case.

But according to TMZ, the owners of the club want Drake and Chris Brown to be the ones to pay for the mess that they created. As they were the ones who took part in the fight and they are the reason Tony Parker’s eye got damaged. However the argument against W.i.P. as owners of the club would be that they are supposed to provide a safe environment and get on any problem quickly so that it doesn’t escalate to the extent that the Drizzy V. Breezy fight did!

TMZ reports that the club wants any and all damages awarded to Parker to come from Brown and Drake.

So what say you? Should the club have to Pay The NBA Star guard? Or should it be left to Drake and Chris Brown? Take the poll and have your say!

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Tony Parker References Chris Brown’s Violent Behavior In Lawsuit Against Nightclub

tony-parker-lawsuitThings are getting bad for Chris Brown and his uncontrollable temper. NBA player Tony Parker is using Brown’s violent tendencies to help win a lawsuit against New York City nightclub.

Remember when Drake and Breezy got into the bottle bashing incident at Club WiP over Rihanna last June? Tony Parker was at the club during the incident. When things popped off between Drake and Chris Brown, Parker was hit in the eye with a shard of glass. The piece of glass pierced Tony Parker’s cornea. Because of this, Tony filed a $20 million lawsuit against Club WiP, claiming they never should have allowed Brown in an enviroment where he could fly off the handle knowing his violent past.

Parker has recently filed new legal papers citing Breezy’s latest fight with singer-songwriter Frank Ocean is proof Chris Brown isn’t fit to be in social settings. The basketball player also referenced Brown’s 2009 assault of Rihanna to further prove WiP ignored Brown’s violent nature in order to make some money. He believes there was more than enough reason for WiP to refuse brown a table that fateful night in June.



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Keyshia Cole Throws Shade At Michelle Williams After Super Bowl Performance

Jermaine Dupri Pays Off $3 Million Tax Lien

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Tim Duncan And Tony Parker Pose With Guns Pointed At NBA Ref [PHOTO]

Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan

A photo has surfaced on Reddit of NBA players Tim Duncan and Tony Parker clowning around on Halloween. Dressed as The Punisher and Nick Fury, the San Antonio Spurs players pointed toy guns at someone dressed as NBA referee Joey Crawford.

[ione_embed src=http://www.blackplanetnext.com/resources/js/goodies/NEXT.embeder-min-ck.js?url=http%3A//www.blackplanetnext.com/embed/post/4f4f7a49ca494b6fb08f153aebb549b4%3Fheight%3D536&height=567 service=BP Next height=567 type=script]
Under normal circumstances this would hardly be a big deal, but when dealing with an NBA commissioner aptly named David Stern, photos like this can lead to fines or more.

Players like J.R. Smith have also been fined for off-court behavior involving photos, so a precedent has been set for reaction by the league. Furthermore, the Spurs organization was recently levied $250,000 for sitting three of their star players during a contest against the Miami Heat. Stay tuned.


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Tony Parker Suffers Scratched Retina In Drake/Chris Brown Club Brawl









Courtesy of NBC Philadelphia Dot Com

In a recent interview, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker told reporters in a Paris news conference that he suffered a scratched retina courtesy of the Drake/Chris Brown brawl that happened at a NYC nightclub Wednesday night.  According to NBC 10, Tony Parker told reporters,  “I was with my friend Chris Brown and me and my friends took some punches, so I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops”.  Tony Parker probably wishes his team would have beat the OKC Thunder last week, then he would be playing in the Finals instead of trying to dodge punches and bottles!  As more information develops we will have it for you right here on hot1079philly.com.  If you want more details about this story go to : http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/entertainment/celebrity/Tony-Parker-Injured-in-Brown-Drake-Brawl-159247035.html

Tony Parker Has Few Words For Eva Longoria & Her New Man

Tony Parker, Eva Longoria and Eduardo CruzLike the rest of us, Tony Parker has heard about (and probably seen the pictures of) his ex-wife Eva Longoria and her new boyfriend Eduardo Cruz. But, he won’t be commenting much on the matter.

When asked by People about the new couple, Tony replied, “She can do whatever she wants.”

While enjoying the NBA All Star Weekend festivities, Tony reportedly went to Palazzo’s Lavo Las Vegas where he was seen “politely chatting with a few girls throughout the evening as he sipped champagne…[dancing] with the ladies at his table…[and taking] shots with the ladies.”

Earlier, he shrugged off several reporters’ questions about the new chapter in his life. “I’m just enjoying my time with my friends and family,” he said.

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Eva Longoria’s Brand New Boyfriend Gets Her Name Tattooed On Him! [PHOTOS]

Eva Longoria Caught Kissing New Boyfriend! [PHOTO]

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Eva Longoria Caught Kissing New Boyfriend!

The rumors were right. Though Eva Longoria claimed she and Eduardo Cruz, brother of actress Penelope Cruz, were just friends, a picture proves otherwise. The new couple were spotted kissing on a boat in Miami last night. SEE IT IN THE GALLERY BELOW!

From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem to care that he’s 10 years her junior, or that her divorce from Tony Parker was finalized just a week ago. SOURCE

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Officially Divorced

Eva Longoria Covers Up Wedding Date Tattoo [PHOTO]

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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Officially Divorced

Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker have officially ended their marriage.The “Desperate Housewives” actress divorce was finalized last Friday in a Texas court according to TMZ. Longoria’s representatives quietly filed papers to dismiss her petition in L.A. County Superior court the same day.

The couple split suddenly in November amid allegations that San Antonio Spurs basketballer Parker had cheated on her with his team mate’s wife.

Eva Longoria Wants Her Tattoos For Tony Removed

Did Eva Longoria Cheat On Tony Parker With Lance Armstrong?

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Eva Longoria Covers Up Wedding Date Tattoo

Eva Longorias TattoosEva Longoria’s wedding date tattoo commemorating her marriage to ex-husband Tony Parker has been covered up. When she waved to photographers in Los Angeles this past weekend, it seemed as if the tattoo had completely disappeared.

It looks as if she’s covered it with make-up for now, as she’s been known to do. But she could also be going through the removal process which, through lightening, can take years to complete.

See her attempted cover-up HERE!

Another Woman Claims Tony Parker Was Sexting Her

Did Eva Longoria Cheat On Tony Parker With Lance Armstrong?

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Did Eva Longoria Cheat On Tony Parker With Lance Armstrong?

When Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker a few weeks ago, and his inappropriate texting with Erin Barry was put on blast, rumors about Parker’s unfaithfulness with other women began to surface. Well today, I’m hearing that Eva may not be as innocent as we all would like to think. The National Enquirer is claiming that Longoria may have strayed.

According to the gossip rag, Parker was “jealous” of Longoria’s relationships with Kiefer Sutherland, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx, but it was her “close ties” with Lance Armstrong “that sent Tony’s suspicions into overdrive.”


Eva Longoria Divorcing Tony Parker For Cheating With Teammates Wife!

Another Woman Claims Tony Parker Was Sexting Her

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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Do Lunch

Eva Longoria & soon to be ex- hubby Tony Parker were spotted at a Los Angeles-area hotel on Wednesday having lunch.

“They remain friends and everything is amicable,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Eva is a class act. That’s how gracious she is.”

Despite the dueling divorce filings, the couple “are still committed to working this out together amicably.”

Eva Longoria Divorcing Tony Parker For Cheating With Teammates Wife!

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Getting Divorced!

Another Woman Claims Tony Parker Was Sexting Her

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Another Woman Claims Tony Parker Was Sexting Her

tony_parkerNot only did Tony Parker emotionally cheat on his wife Eva Longoria with the wife of a Spurs’ teammate, he may have sexted another woman. A 19-year-old British model has come forward claiming that the NBA star constantly sexted her, including sending half-naked pictures of himself. Sophia Egeler says that the two met at an Ultimate Fighting show at the O2 Area in London and Parker immediately began pursuing her. She says:

“From the minute he met me he was trying it on. I had no idea he was Eva Longoria’s husband. He would not take no for an answer and was telling me how much he liked me.”

When the NBA star finally convinced her to join him at the London nightspot, Whisky Mist, she said, “I decided at 1 A.M. I wanted to leave but Parker followed me into the street. He begged me to come back to a house he claimed was his. I said ‘no.'”

I didn’t think Tony had it in him!!


Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Getting Divorced!

Eva Longoria Divorcing Tony Parker For Cheating With Teammates Wife!

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Eva Longoria Divorcing Tony Parker For Cheating With Teammates Wife!

Tony Parker Eva Longoria Erin Barry Brent BarryAfter the unexpected news of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s divorce surfaced yesterday, everyone was left wondering why their three-year marriage came to an end.Us Weekly reveals in its newest issue that Eva discovered that Tony had been exchanging personal texts with a mutual female friend for nearly a year — hundreds in just one month.

When confronted, Tony confessed to the inappropriate relationship.

“Eva is heartbroken by the betrayal,” says one insider.

Adds another friend, “Once the trust was lost, the marriage was over.”

The issue also includes information on Longoria’s confrontation with the other woman and how Tony “does not want to end the marriage.”

UPDATE: Turns out the woman that Tony was caught texting is the wife of one of his teammates!

According to actor Mario Lopez, Longoria’s best friend, Parker cheated on her earlier in their marriage and kept in touch with the woman on Facebook.

Lopez also says, “She is devastated, she wants us all to know that. But she’s strong.”

The divorce papers cite “irreconcilable differences” and Longoria is seeking spousal support. SOURCE

Longoria has confirmed the news, tweeting:

“It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.”

UPDATE: Bryan Armen Graham of Sports Illustrated has revealed that the teammate is Brent Barry, which would make his wife Erin Barry the woman Tony was cheating with.

Graham Tweeted,

“Have it on good authority from entertainment sources that “former teammate” in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria affair is Brent Barry.”

“Don’t have much else on Parker/Longoria affair. Source did mention Barry and wife are going through a divorce.”

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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Getting Divorced!

Eva Longoria Tony Parker Wedding PhotoEva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker are getting a divorce. The “Desperate Housewives” actress and San Antonio Spurs player married in July of 2007. Rumors began swirling after Eva canceled her appearance at a taping of Anderson Cooper’s CNN Heroes of 2010 television special. When asked for a reason, her camp remained on lock down and refused to talk.

It was reported that Tony filed for divorce in Texas on November 15, however, Eva’s people deny that story.

What was confirmed though by two court officials at the Bexar County, Texas courthouse is that a divorce case was indeed filed yesterday and sealed by the judge.

UPDATE: Longoria filed her papers, to divorce Tony Parker , in L.A. County Superior Court the morning of November 17.

UPDATE: Eva Longoria Divorces Tony Parker For Cheating With Teammates Wife! [UPDATE]

Eva has Tony’s jersey number — “Nine” — tattooed on the back of her neck. See it in the gallery below! SOURCE

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Eva Longoria Raps In New MTV Promo For EMAs [VIDEO]

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