Donald Trump Caught Lying About Tweeting Habits [EXCLUSIVE]

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Donald Trump is known for his ability to unabashedly lie on camera even after evidence that he is lying has been broadcasted and widely circulated. Well, it looks like he has no plans to leave such a habit behind, judging by his latest claims about how he feels about twitter.

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During a press conference, he gave a sad, weak excuse for his crazy tweeting habits. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip from the Early Morning Evening News on the “Ed Lover Show.”

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IHOP’s “Hip” Twitter Goes Terribly Wrong With Sexist Tweet About Breasts


Twitter can be an effective tool for corporations, but IHOP took it a step too far when they objectified women in an ill-advised tweet.

According to the Huffington Post, the breakfast eatery received major backlash on Sunday evening after tweeting, “Flat but has a GREAT personality,” with a photo of a stack of their famous pancakes. The tweet wasn’t well received by fans who normally enjoy the company’s humor.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but picked up by users who called IHOP sexist for comparing breasts to food.




Some people — mainly men — didn’t think the joke was disrespectful to women at all.


The company tweeted an apology, calling the joke dumb.


IHOP’s popularity on social media gained traction last year when they began to tweet with popular slang terms like “fleek,” using hip-hop lyrics to cater to a younger audience. The tweets also snagged the attention of popular celebrities like Nicki Minaj.

Adweek reported last year the use of the terms gained an 18 percent growth in followers for IHOP in over 60 days.



While their current tweet may have caused backlash, using hip-hop lyrics to cater to a younger audience can be seen as culture appropriation within itself.



We’re sure this won’t be the last time the chain finds itself in hot water over their “hip” tweets.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter


Donald Trump Live-Tweets Democratic Debate, Proves He Shouldn’t Be President

George Zimmerman Says He Didn’t Mean To Retweet A Photo Of Trayvon Martin’s Body

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#WhitePeople: 11 Thought Provoking Tweets About MTV’s Documentary On White Privilege

MTV And Jose Antonio Vargas Present 'White People'

Source: Jason Kempin / Getty

Tonight, MTV aired their eye-opening “White People” documentary that gave viewers a first-hand look at white privilege through the eyes of young white people speaking on the topic with a variety of other young students of other races. As expected, the documentary sparked much discussion on social media.

Among the mixed sentiments flying around as the Twitter community locked in for the highly-anticipated special were criticism, empathy, curiosity and even anger from both the white and non-white audiences.

In case you missed out on the tense discussion, here are 11 thought-provoking tweets that sum up the reaction of the interwebs as they watched MTV tackle the controversial topics of race and white privilege.

Did you check out the “White People” documentary? What did  you think?


Here’s What We Learned From MTV’s ‘White People’ Documentary

Ever Wonder What White People Think About White Privilege? ‘White In America’ Will Reveal The True Answer

Nicki Minaj Being Portrayed As An “Angry Black Woman” For MTV Critique Is A Dangerously Common Media Narrative

Lee Daniels: ‘I Hate White People Writing For Black People’

Unemployment Line Ahead: Adrian Peterson Twitter Rants Over Pay Cut In New Contract

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

Source: Andy King / Getty

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is making a play for the unemployment line with his latest round of social media antics.

After a rough two years that included having his estranged 2-year-old son murdered by the mother’s boyfriend, pleading guilty to reckless assault charges for harshly disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch, and being suspended without pay from the NFL, you’d think Peterson would be humbled following his recent return to the Vikings’ roster….but that’s not quite the case.

In a series of tweets earlier today, Peterson expressed his frustrations with his new contract, complaining about everything from a pay cut to no official guarantee  that he doesn’t run the risk of being released from the team at their leisure before his contract is up.

The tweets came on the heels of a statement released by Peterson on Wednesday in which he reportedly hinted at wanting the Vikings to add guaranteed money to his contract terms.

According to ESPN, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer briefly addressed Peterson’s failure to attend several organized team activities this week in the midst of his contract concerns by simply stating that Peterson has two choices – “he can play for us, or not play.”

From the sound of things, Adrian might want to lay low before he finds himself out of a job.


NFL Football Is About To Get Less Boring Thanks To A New Rule

A Little Positivity: NFL Player Escorts Teen Battling Cancer To Prom

Is Former NFL ‘Model Citizen’ Adrian Peterson Still Really Worth $12.7M?

Patriot Fans Stage Sit-In At The NFL Headquarters

Former NFL Player Goes In On ESPN About Desean Jackson!

Derrick Ward Do You Think DeSean Jackson Is Worth 9.4million A Year? (thumbnail)

Retired NFL Player Derrick Ward went capital HAM on ESPN Analysts over how they handled the Desean Jackson situation. Former Philadelphia Eagle Desean Jackson was released by the team on Friday and sparked a huge onslaught of speculation that he was a “Gangbanger”. So coming to Desean’s defense was Derrick Ward! Below are all of his tweets to The ESPN Analyst. Damn, Tell em how you really feel son!

“These ESPN analyst sound real dumb right now talking about @DeseanJackson10 They think they know what they’re talking about but they don’t. @espn stop trying to discuss a conversation you know nothing about. U guys are assuming every single thing your talking about right now. Im sorry but has @DeseanJackson10 ever been arrested? Suspended? DUI? Drugs? No so why are these dumb asses on @espn trying to make him seem Like he’s a horrible person. The NFL is so Contridictive I swear. Especially these punk ESPN Analyst. and @RonJaworski_BFL shut the F**k up. You sound so dumb right now. and fake ass Teddy Bruschi for someone who use to play in the league recently you sure are trying your hardest to act like you where Gods gift to football. I know almost everyone of your old teammates hated u because you where that one guy that everyone had on there team that goes and snitches to the head coach about other players.

Bottom line I know @DeseanJackson10 very very very well. If the Eagles where so concerned about his “Gang Ties” they wouldnt had drafted him 6 years ago Mark Dominik is the last person that should be talking about anyone with the way he handled players in @TBBuccaneers when he was the GM The @Eagles gonna cut @DeseanJackson10 because they “Think” he might know gang members but they’ll keep and resign a well known Racist? I’m born and raised in South Central LA. I have uncles who are still gang bangin cousins who still gang bang. But what does that have to do with someone playing football and ballin out for your team? I’m sorry but Every NFL team knows what there players are doing who there hangin out with. In 6 years has he had 1 single incident? 1 single crime? The NFL is a bunch of BS Im so glad I’m done with that joke of a league

Mark my words there won’t be an NFL in the next 20 years watch and see There so worried about who a player knows and a player dunking on the goal post than actually worry about whats really important. And the funny thing about it Chip Kelly coached@t Oregon which recruited players From Crenshaw HS. He knows for damn sure who’s gang banging and who’s not. A lil bro @DeseanJackson10 keep your head up. Keep doing you don’t let any of these fake no talent ass analyst on ESPN deter you from doing what you do. Keep working hard like you do everyday and when you do get on a squad and play against the sack ass @Eagles burn they ass for 10 catches 150yds 3td’s. sorry twitter for ranting but I just hate when these so called sports channels start talking about crap they have no idea about.”

Nick Gordon Brags About Doing Drugs With Whitney Houston [PHOTOS]

bobbi-kristina-nick-gordonSince the passing of Whitney Houston, her family has been extremely messy when it comes to airing family business out under public scrutiny. After catching an ass whooping from the pop diva’s nephew, Bobbi Kristina‘s husband Nick Gordon is now bragging about smoking weed with his “mom” Whitney.


This madness was kicked off when Gordon posted a photo of a bong on Twitter and Instagram. Once the photo was posted Whitney Houston’s fans immediately demanded he remove the photo because they felt it was disrespectful. Nick Gordon refused and continued to tweet about Whitney doing drugs and exposing business nobody outside of the Houston family needed to know. One tweet read, “If Whitney Houston my mom had a twitter she would retweet favorite add to my shit then fuck you up.”


The back and forth with Houston’s fans hasn’t died down yet, but the worst part is over. Check some of the tweets below.



Frank Ocean Tells Chipotle To “F*** Off” On $200K Check

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Allegedly Masterminds Employee Beatdown

Michael Jackson’s Killer Has A Brand New Job

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50 Cent’s Baby Mama Alleges He Used To Beat Her

Split Screen of %0 Cent and Baby MamaRapper 50 Cent is used to being in the midst of beef. However, in this case, he is battling the mother of his teenaged son Shaniqua Tompkins. For some time now, Tompkins has been calling 50 Cent a deadbeat father. She claims he hasn’t seen his son Marquis in two years. This directly conflicts with the image Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is putting out there because he just had a another child and is constantly posting pictures of the baby on social media.


Well, Tompkins has used her account on social media to blast 50 Cent some more. In her latest rant, she claims the G-Unit leader used to abuse her and their son. She also said the reason he is so angry towards her is because she left him and it brought up all of his hidden abandonment issues.

Check out all of the drama taken from Shaniqua Tompkins’ Twitter account below.



Uh Oh: Sources Say Bobbi Kristina Never Asked Cissy Houston For Her Blessing

Yelawolf Posts Pics Of Himself Draped In Confederate Flag [PHOTOS]

A-Rod Banned For 162 Games And Will Not Play At All In 2014

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“CrazySexyCool” Brings VH1 Highest Ratings in Years!

tlc docudrama


Big Ups to VH1!!! On Monday they aired The TLC Biopic “CrazySexyCool” which averaged 4.5 million total viewers & is now the number 1 original cable movie this year in adults & women ages 18-49. The movie was also the most tweeted program last night with 1.92 million tweets generated!

Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel [TIMELINE OF BEEF]


Kanye West has kept us busy this week with his 4 part BBC interview. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel spoofed Kanye’s interview and all hell broke loose. Follow the order of events below

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Event #1

Kanye West releases BBC interview in 4 parts

Event #2

Jimmy Kimmel monologue and spoof of Kanye West interview


Event #3

Kanye West rants on Twitter

Kanye-West-Tweets Kanye-West-Tweets

Event #4

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Kanye West

Lupe Fiasco Responds To Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” [TWEETS/MUSIC]

Lupe Fiasco


After  releasing the “ghostwritten” Tweets, Lupe finally decided to record and release a musical reaction called “SLR 2″

The saga continues… [props to AHH]

It’s been a over twelve hours since Big Sean gave Kendrick Lamar the buzz-assist of a lifetime last night with the release of “Control.” And yes, Black Twitter is still reacting. Rappers are still in their feelings. And New York has yet to challenge K-Dot to a duel. But of all the jokes, memes and gifs that these internets have blessed us with in the last twelve hours, nothing surpasses the absolute comedy that was Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter timeline last night.

It started shortly after Lupe’s initial reaction to “Control,” one of the first rapper tweets on the topic, we might add…


… was met with some criticism. Which prompted this generation’s self-appointed Hip-Hop martyr to say it again with his chest…



Most of you missed all of this because, a) you were too busy waiting for New York rappers to do something and/or b) Lupe’s Twitter account has apparently been private for a few weeks now.

What followed was an extraordinary, hours-long flow of tweets, featuring Lupe cussing out fans, writing Kendrick responses on behalf of half of the rap world, and dissing a few folks in between. We can’t tell if the tweets were inspired by sheer genius or absolute madness. Either way, it was easily the most entertaining thing going on the web last night. But don’t take our word for it. Flip the page and see for yourself.

And this is when it got REALLY entertaining. Lupe proceeded to ghostwrite responses to Kendrick’s boast from various rappers including Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.  It was  pure comedy. Read them all in the gallery.

[ione_media_gallery id=”2567472″ src=””%5D
There are many reactions already out there and surely more to come, but few will be able to top this.

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Your Favorite Rappers Tweet About Kendrick Lamar Verse

Kendrick Lamar

Hip Hop was in an uproar over Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” Poor Big Sean, it’s his song and no one is talking about his verse and yikes, poor Jay Electronica….does anyone still listen after Kendrick? #imjustsayin

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fab on kendrick

LeBron on kendrick

Big krit on kendrick

joe budden on kendrick

talib on kendrick

Tyga on KendrickBun B on kendrick

Pusha T on Kendrickaction on kendrick

BDK on Kendrick 1BDK on Kendrick 2

Celebs React To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse On Twitter



Kendrick Lamar shook things up last night after Big Sean released “Control (HOF).” Fans, critics and fellow rappers all took to Twitter to argue about the lyrical assassin that is Kendrick Lamar. Even though a few rappers such as Joe Budden and Tyga have deleted their tweets critiquing Lamar’s verse, here’s what fellow rappers had to say about the Compton TDE emcee calling out his competition and claiming his title as the ‘king of NY.’

Kevin Hart spit hot fya…

Phil Jackson actually responded to the “uncoachable” line…

And the tweets kept coming…

13 Funniest Tweets From @MeekMillRapLike

A Collage of Meek Mill making Funny Faces


As a person who has to use Twitter for work, it’s become harder to enjoy the social networking site if I’m not watching television with Black Twitter. So besides talking smack with my friends and tweeting random lyircs to whatever song I’m listening to while commuting, I’m on Twitter for the parody pages. In a post about Tyrese, I already told you how much I rock with his parody pages. But there’s a new parody page on the scene that made a swift impact on my timeline.

The account @MeekMillRapLike is a hilarious account started by a fan of the Philly born rapper. The page says Meek Mill is one of the hardest out, but he always raps like he’s screaming. Hopefully, Meek Mill doesn’t take himself too seriously because some of these tweets are absolutely hilarious because they’re true. Check out some of my favorites and then make sure you go follow @MeekMillRapLike.


Mom Memes

Tweets Don’t Come Cheap: How Much Is Your Favorite Celeb Getting Paid To Be On Twitter?

Marlon Wayans


So, did you know, that when you’re favorite celeb is tweeting about products on Twitter, that they may very well be getting  paid to do it? For those who didn’t know about it, do you feel duped now? Does it hurt your feelings to find out that they are not exactly speaking on the up and up when they tweet about restaurants, barbers, car lot’s, clothing lines and candy bars? Keep this in mind when they are tweeting up a storm about a product, there is probably a cha-ching sound effect going off every time they hit send! Before you buy in to it, investigate first and see if they are getting paid to say it!

Take a look at how much these people have been paid per tweet!

Marlon Wayans: $1,300

Mike Tyson:$3,250

Tyrese: $7,800

Kim Kardashian: $10,000,

Snoop Dogg: $8,000

Paula Abdul: $5,000

The Huffington Post has opened our eyes! So now we know, the next time you see a Tweet from a celebrity recommending anything from a type of soda to a vacation spot off in the Caribbean someplace, that tweet probably had a price!

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Win $1000 In The “That’s #MyRide” Photo Sweepstakes!

Chris Lighty’s Mother Pens Open Letter Asking For A New Investigation In Son’s Death

Uh Oh Flag On The Play: Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports May Have Rushed The Passer

Evander Holyfield To Lose Driver’s License To The Georgia Courts For Nonsupport

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K.Michelle Curses Out Blogger


Lemme tell you what you NOT goin do….is play with K. Michelle! Ask the Blogger who she cursed out!

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Monday is the debut of Season 2 Love and Hip Hop ATL. In preparation for it K.Michelle, Mimi Faust and a few others are making the promo rounds. While in New York Mimi was asked by about being a role model. She said she is a role model to no one. She lives her life

“I gotta deal with my ‘ish as I see fit”

Then K.Michelle jumps in and speaks directly to the Blogger

You get paid off of making fun and hurting people and I don’t know how you think you’re gonna get blessed by that

And then it all takes a mighty “spiritual” turn. K.Michelle is mad at the website because she recently had a sold out show in New York and  the website referred to it as an “EBT Show

Lemme tell you something, I’m from the streets. Don’t neva-what you neva do with me-don’t let this weave…and for ya’ll to sit yo ass up there and make mofo fun of it and then when I start to spazz out? No mofo I’m not crazy. I’m the realest b— you goin see!

Don’t believe me? Here goes…check out the tweets AFTER the video


Last Friday as the world watched what was happening in Boston, K.Michelle got into it with one of the bloggers on Twitter

K.michelle tweets

below are the websites comments they posted on Thursday

Bossip Tweets