Miley Cyrus turned 18 five days ago and as of yesterday was still celebrating . She and a couple of snake friends who blocked their faces out the video smoked some Salvia weed from a bong.Miley was caught laughing and acting a fool like most people do when they get high. It starts to get weird when she mumbled through Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” verse and growled at the end. All in all no one was harmed during Miley’s getting high. What do we expect,she’s an 18 year old female, she’s going to experiment…at least it wasn’t coke.

Miley Cyrus smoking Salvia from a bong

BTW, Salvia is legal herb in California where the video was supposedly taken. Miley looks like a cool girl to hang around and what kind of friends are these?

Spotted here.

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