Eminem has been all over the media after releasing “Not Afraid,” the first single from Recovery, following a new freestyle “Despicable”. With the anticipation mounting over the upcoming release, he recently announced, on his Shade 45 Sirius Satelite Radio station, that Havoc produced a song on his new album. According to the Mobb Deep producer, he is a fan and has been sending Eminem tracks for years. “I been trying to get placement on an Eminem project for the past two years with no success at doing it ’cause you know they pretty picky over there and rightfully so,” he said. “So I almost landed a placement on [Relapse] but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. I was never mad, but my philosophy was keep hitting them ’til

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something [stuck].”

Eminem’s tour DJ and Havoc’s longtime associate and friend, The Alchemist, congratulated Havoc recently via Twitter. “Hate that I didn’t make Em’s album,” he wrote, “but i love the fact that my big bro Havoc did! Salute!” Havoc spoke on his relationship with The Alchemist, “The feeling is mutual. Whenever we both get a big placement we always patting each other on the back, and there’s no animosity or jealosy cause it almost feels like if I made it, he made, and if he made it, I made it. And it just makes us go that much harder.”

story via dimewars.com

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