Universal Motown head Sylvia Rhone announced today (May 19, 2010) that Kelly Rowland’s their newest talent on the roster and Kel’s still working on her album:

“I think Kelly is an immensely talented, gracious, and beautiful woman, and I am thrilled about the opportunity to work with her on what’s turning out to be an amazing album,” said Ms. Rhone. “For an artist whose career began as a member of a landmark group like Destiny’s Child, Kelly has truly come into her own and I am deeply inspired by her incredible energy.”

And Kelly couldn’t be happier. She said in her announcement today:

“I could not be happier working with Sylvia Rhone and the entire Universal Motown staff,” stated Ms. Rowland. “They have really embraced me and have set me up to succeed. I decided, after careful thought, to sign with Universal Motown not only because of their track record of success, but also because they truly put their artists first.”

Kelly has a new management team in place as well, and in her new contract, she’s allowed to exert full control over her albums and career. She is currently in the studio working on her Universal Motown debut album, featuring the new international single “Commander,” with David Guetta, in addition to collaborations with Dr. Luke, Stargate, Salaam Remi, Ne-Yo, Rico Love, and Esther Dean.

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