Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is a long-time Philadelphia Eagles season-ticket holder, but he says the Eagles can’t make the playoffs and he’ll root for the Redskins in the playoffs. In a sure sign that Rendell is done running for elected office in Pennsylvana, Rendell says he’s sticking with Donovan McNabb. But in true politcal fashion, Rendell also tried to take both sides of the issue.

Rendell told , “I’ll tell you this, Donovan’s going to be great for the Redskins. “I’m going to still root for the Eagles, but I’m going to root for the Redskins in the playoffs because they’re going to be in it and we’re not.”

Could Rendell be angling for a political appointment or a sports-talk gig in Washington after he leaves office in January? Rendell is a part-time studio analyst for Comcast in its Eagles’ post-game shows, and he was also one of the Eagles’ season ticket holders who threw snowballs at the Dallas Cowboys.

In Rendell’s defense, he was also a fan when the Eagles trotted out Norm Snead, Roman Gabriel, John Reeves and Bobby Hoying at quarterback. But the comments are hadly a vote of confidence for Kevin Kolb and Eagles’ management. Meanwhile, an Eagles mini-camp for rookies and selected veterans began Wednesday. The Birds are trying to make it back to the playoffs with a whole lot of new faces. Macho Harris was moved to cornerback Wednesday from free safety, where he played last year. And tight end Cornelius Ingram practiced for the first time since last training camp, when he tore his ACL in his left knee.

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