Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison could be in trouble once again. Harrison was ordered to surrender a gun he had in his car during a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon in Philadelphia.

Police said Harrison was pulled over for driving the wrong way down a one-way street near a garage he owns. It appeared to the officer that Harrison put a gun in the Cadillac Escalade’s center console.

The former football star showed his license, registration and a permit from Montgomery County, where he lives, to carry a gun but allegedly lied to officers when asked if he had a weapon.

A 9-mm handgun was found in the vehicle during a search, but it belongs to another man who lives in Philadelphia, police said.

Police had probable cause to search the vehicle because, by law, you have to tell police you do have a gun in a vehicle when stopped, Fox 29’s Steve Keeley reported.

Despite the gun found and confiscated Wednesday, Harrison has not been charged. reports that, according to Philadelphia law enforcement sources, Harrison was further questioned Wednesday night at the police department’s special investigations unit and then released. Police are going to test the gun found with Harrison in connection with shootings in which he has been considered a person of interest.

A garage belonging to the Roman Catholic and Syracuse alum was the site of a 2008 shooting in which three people were injured.

One of those victims, Dwight Dixon, told ESPN after that shooting it was Harrison who shot him and would likely try to kill him again.

Dixon died after being shot in a car in July 2009.

Again, Harrison was not charged in either incident by then-District Attorney Lynne Abraham.

D.A. Seth Williams reopened the investigation after taking office earlier this year.

“Just because you’re in the NFL or the NBA or you’re an elected official or you are a police officer, you know, again, we have to make sure that we use the same standard of justice for everyone,” Williams said in April. “We’re continuing to investigate this. It’s an open investigation. We’re looking into lots of different ballistics evidence that we have gathered from the scene.”

Harrison’s lawyer had previously said that hi client emphatically denies being involved in the Dixon shootings.

Harrison does face two civil lawsuits as a result of the 2008 shooting. A second man wounded in the incident claims Harrison was firing two different guns at the time.

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