1. Shake hand confidently – The way you shake hand with your interviewer tells the story. The unconfident and nervous handshake never wins you any positive points. Interviewers immediately form a negative opinion about you. When the start is so bad, you cannot expect any favors from the interviewer afterwards. So, make sure you are very confident while shaking hand. If you thing you are not best at it, you should learn the art of hand shake.

2. Prepare some points regarding – “Why recruiter should recruit you” and “Why you should work at recruiter’s company”. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the job you are applying for. The strong your points are, the quicker and easier the decision would be. If you know there are some very specific qualities that match the required profile, then you should start by telling those first. The Interviewer generally focuses on the first few qualities that you tell, so start with the best ones.

3. Know about the company where you are applying for the job – The interviewer would ask you how much do you know about the company. If you are not able to answer this question properly, then you are in a bad shape. This question is asked in almost all the interviews. Before going for the interview, check out the website of the company, read some brochures, pamphlets while you are waiting for you turn sitting at the interview location. Also, grasp the mission and vision statement of the company. If you could learn this by heart and answer the interviewer’s question confidently, then you got it.

4. Dress appropriately – You body language should be positive and should reflect a confident personality of yours. The kind of attire you are wearing is an essential part of it. Don’t wear denims and sports shoes. Don’t wear chains, fancy necklace. BUT I am not saying that you should dress like an unpleasant and dull personality. Look fresh. Wear bright yet sober colors. Shoes should be shining clean. Shirt should be wrinkle-free. Hair should not be a mess. You may want to go to the washroom once you reach the interview location.

5. Show that you are a quick learner – Companies don’t need you to be already trained. They are ready to train you, but they need that you should be a quick-learner. Stress that you are a quick learner. Talk about this twice or thrice in your conversation with the interviewer. Important – If you don’t know any answer that is asked to you, then make sure you tell this clearly to the interviewer instead of wasting time by guessing. The interviewers like frank and honest candidates.

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