Fabolous and new girlfriendBitch don’t know @Sweetback got the scoop? Rapper Fabolous was spotted out and about with a new chick and let me just say she is not “killin em”!! Homegirl looks like she’s about 60. Rumor has it that Fab dumped his secret girlfriend of 8 years Emily Bustamante for this Becky.

Fab was spotted at Club Perfection strip club in Queens last night for an “all-white” affair with his boys DJ Envy and Red Cafe.

C’mon Fab you can do better that this.

For those of you who missed “Love & Hip Hop,” Emily was seen crying a river about Fab not claiming her as his girlfriend. She confessed that Fab wouldn’t walk with her on the red carpet and that he says he’s “single as a dollar bill”. She also complained that he only speaks about his son to the press, but never mentions her existence.

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Em you deserve so much more,why would you want someone that doesn’t claim you? Maybe you should give Ashanti a call? You two need to discuss this over drinks.

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