I feel like we’re in Jeopardy, not the popular television show that comes on every weekday night but in jeopardy of losing the momentum we gained early on in this NBA season.

Fresh off the NBA All-star break many fans of the Philadelphia 76ers believed the break came just at the right time. We have key injuries to Center, Spencer Hawes and Forward, Elton Brand. Much like the expectations of a NFL bye week, the All-star break to many should be a time of rest and rejuvenation.

To say the news of Center, Spencer Hawes being out for at least another two weeks was shocking would be an understatement. Deviating is more like it. Making things even more complex is the NBA trade deadline slowly approaching on March 15. The Sixers need to be in position to add key pieces but now we have to worry about plugging a known hole in our lineup. This was one of my biggest concerns I shared with my Sixers contact early in the season. As great as our offense looked with Spencer Hawes on the floor it also scared me that he showed to be such an intricate part in our offensive production. If he got injured, which he has, would we be able to continue winning? Fast forward to today and we know the Sixers have a losing record when Hawes is not in the lineup. 8-11 to be exact.

If we’re not going to make a significant trade to bring in some scoring, the Sixers need to take a look at some out the box options. There were rumors that the Lakers were talking to Rasheed Wallace, why not bring him in? The Knicks acquired J.R. Smith for nothing so Rasheed Wallace makes a lot of sense. I also think he would play with more pride and passion for his city than any other.

What do you think?

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