Yes it is! Philly we’ve had an Eve sighting in New York City! She jumped on stage with Lil Kim during her performance. Eve did Hot Boyz and What Ya’ll Want. Eve looks good! The ladies of hip hop came out for the Queen Bee. Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa and Missy. Check out the video below of Kim and Eve

Somaya Reece has been tweeting for weeks now about this Lil Kim performance and she was in attendance lookin fab with her new body. A very pregant Yandy Smith from Love and Hip Hop was in attendance and the event was hosted by Drita of Mob Wives. Apparently Drita was seen by Kim on youtube videos performing her songs and asked her to host her show. This night was a good look for both Lil Kim and the ladies of hip hop. For once the story ends happily and not in the usual “catfight” mess

Here’s a throwback of Eve’s “What Ya’ll Want

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