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Is this more proof of a Chris Brown, Meek Mill beef with words over Rihanna? You be the judge…

And the drama continues with with three of hip-hob and R&B’s hottest artists, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and Rihanna.    In early may we were curious as to Chris Brown taking shots at MMG Rap Artist Meek Mill in his Theraflu track.  This was the same day Rihanna unfollowed Chris Brown on Twitter.    Later that same day Meek deaded the rumors saying he “has a girl at home”. That’s about all I could stomach concerning the trio and yet today, not even a full month later, they’re back it.  Read the story below, words by @BWyche

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Shout out to @PhilthyPhilly6 for bringing Chris Brown subliminal tweet to Meek Mill to my attention. Clearly CB is mad about Rihanna, who was in Liv on Sunday, while Meek was making it rain across town in King of Diamonds. Thats another story but, clearly Chris Brown feels some kind of way about the Meek Mill/ Rihanna rumors started last month.

Im also hearing rumors that CB took Meek Mill off a song recently because of the Rihanna rumors and Meek Mill tweeted this but it got deleted asap (according to Celeb Gathering)

“U took me off ya song cause she let me watch da throne!”

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