At times before a major championship boxing match the ring announcer will ask the crowd to give a moment of silence for the passing of a former boxing. Prior to the championship fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley fight Saturday night, Michael Buffer asked the crowd for a moment of silence while they tolled a 10 count for former boxer John Tapia. If at the start of the evening he knew what was about to happen he would have requested the moment for boxing also.

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For many viewers of the fight Manny Pacquiao dominated the fight round after round as he seemed to cruise to another victory and put more pressure on the industry to make the fight between him and Floyd Mayweather.  What followed was the complete domination of Bradley by Pacquiao and one of the most pathetic decisions in history.

As Michael Buffer read the first score, fans knew something strange was about to happen. Even Mayweather supporters that can’t stand Pacman saw Pacquiao cruising to an easy victory. So it’s strange that experts as well as casual fans all saw Pacquiao winning the fight but two judges saw Bradley out box Pacquiao.

I want to get your opinion on the outcome of the fight. Do you feel cheated? And will you pay to view another Pay Per View fight?

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