Nas Says He Regrets Cheating On Kelis

Speaking with VH1, Nas opened up about why he opens up so much on his latest album, Life Is Good. During the convo, the rapper talks infidelity in the marriage, apologies issued between both and ex-wife Kelis, and whether or not the noteworthy album cover offered closure.

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On whether or not using Kelis’ dress on the album cover gave him closure:

I don’t know man. Certain things don’t go away so easily. The album cover made it fresh again to me in my mind, a little bit. I had to rethink things and stuff but its all good.

On the biggest lesson he learned from his divorce and what he’d do differently next time:

The biggest lesson I learned is respect…trust…no infidelity. I at some point got pissed off during the relationship and strayed. And I wouldn’t do that again. I would be all good.

On whether or not he told Kelis that he’d do things differently:

Yea. I told her. I told her that. I apologized. She apologized and we just move on. We live and we move on.

See the interview in full:

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