Black couple (2)

Men are strong

Women are weak.

Though socially constructed, gender roles are  identities individuals take on at birth. From preschool, young girls are brought up to be sensitive and delicate, while young boys are groomed to be emotionless and tough. But now more than ever, gender roles are switching immensely. Effecting the work place, friendships and sexual relationships, one can’t help but question whether the sudden switch in gender roles is a temporary trend, or here to stay.

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While recent documentaries and articles have explored the altering roles between the two sexes, the social change is drifting from the real world in to cyberspace. Neglecting the “typical” gender roles , men are willingly expressing their emotions on social media websites as women play the carefree dominant role.

Don’t act brand new! You’ve seen the tweets on your timeline. Between the twitter drama and hopeless romantics, men utilize social networks as a platform to voice their true emotions. Until recently, it was unheard of for men to openly express their feelings in person yet alone post a status expressing their emotions before hundreds of friends/followers. Embracing their feelings,  men have also went to the extreme to engage in Twitter rants after break ups (as seen with Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora).

Noticing the “bitchy” qualities men have adopted, women embraced the “Long hair/short hair don’t care” lifestyle. While men may be quick to engage in social media beef, women appear to be summing  up their feelings by quoting a song lyric and moving on to the next.

Only time will tell what the future holds. Is the change in gender roles permanent or just a trend making it’s way through cyberspace? Tell us what you think.

Words by: Taisje Claiborne |Twitter|


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