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According to,  Philly’s own Maybach Music group  rapper Meek Mill’s  is suing the Philadelphia Police department,  as well as officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas for false imprisonment and allegedly Instagraming pictures of the rapper while they held him in a cell for 9 hours under false pretense.


Here is the compliant:

“Following the vehicle stop, police officers Boyer and Vargas handcuffed plaintiff at the scene, transported him in custody to the 22nd Police District, took photographs of plaintiff which the officers posted and published, or caused to be posted and published, on Instagram and other social media websites, depicting plaintiff in police custody, held plaintiff in custody against his will in a jail cell for approximately nine (9) hours, after which time plaintiff was released on November 1, 2012, at 4:30 a.m., without being charged with any criminal activity and having caused plaintiff to miss a scheduled promotional appearance in Atlanta, Georgia.”

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