Look at the picture above..what’s missing? Chris Brown and Karrueche are partying, BUT where’s Rihanna?? There has been a lot of back in fourth as to the status of Chris Brown and Karrueche Trans relationship. Lately,  from the outside looking in it seemed as if pop super star Rihanna won ChrisB Brown over BUT recent  events have had us doing a double take!

Firstly, Karrueche’s Bff Christina Millan went on Wendy Williams alluding to the fact that Chris and Karrueche were together and NOW Chris and Karrueche were spotted partying at Draya Michelle’s birthday bash! 

It may have been a harmless coincidence that the trio ended up partying together BUT the plot thickens because Draya recently deleted  most of the photo’s in this post from here Instagram page! I wonder if Rihanna got wind of the photo’s??

All in all one things for certain, Chris Brown has a whole lot going on in the relationship department! Partying with 2 Ex girlfriend’s Karreuche and Draya all in one night while Rihanna is no where to be found, not thats SCANDAL

Check out some of the photo’s below from Draya Michelle’s Bday Bash:


Chirs-Brown-Karrueche Chris-Brown-Karrueche Chris-Brown-Karrueche Chris-Brown-Karrueche Chris-Brown- Karrueche

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