Clearly Kanye West has a lot to get off his chest. After going off on the Grammy’s, Taylor Swift, and Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake during a performance in London, there didn’t seem to be much more Mr. West had to be upset about but during a performance of “Clique” in Paris, Yeezy lashed out at the entire media.

“No muthaf*ckin awards, no sponsorship, and none of that sh*t that can stop the dedication to bringing y’all that real sh*t. Cause we don’t give a f*ck unless it’s the real sh*t, and everything else can suck my d*ck.”

He also talked about being the best and compared himself to Steve Jobs, Basiquiat, Walt Disney, and Michelangelo.

Confusion and awe sum this rant up best. Check it out:

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