We’ve all seen or heard it before, a friend of a friend posts pictures on his or her Facebook page with drugs and alcohol out in the open, or friends posing with illegal firearms. We even hear stories about criminals bragging about their crimes in their Facebook feed. But do these people realize that Facebook is the biggest snitch this world has ever seen? All over the country criminals are posting incriminating information on their Facebook pages, making it very easy for authorities to pick up on their illegal activities. Facebook is the best thing that has happened to the police force since the billy club. Facebook even tells their subscribers via their safety page that they work openly with local law enforcement.

In a article published on Philly.com, Dana DiFilippo wrote about Omar Woods of Kensington who confessed on his facebook page that he was on the run for 3 attempted murders. The status update along with photos that Woods later posted of himself with a handgun jammed in his waistband, will help convict Woods in the court of law for a July shooting in Kensington that injured three people.

Police now use social media as a tool to search for criminals who could be leaving clues on their personal social media pages. Police are also using social tools to help find missing persons and people of interest.

Do people even stop to think about what their putting on the facebook pages and how it could effect them in the future? More and more criminals find the need to tell the world the incriminating situations they are involved in, but fail to realize that amongst those people they share information with are police offciers, FBI agents, and other goverement official who use these tools to specifically catch you in the act!  Think people, before you put that gun on your facebook page.


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