chris bosh

Courtesy of USA TODAY

Chris Bosh, one of Miami Heat’s Big 3 was recently a victim of an home invasion while he was out celebrating his 29th birthday with his wife on Wednesday night.  He left his kids with his housekeeper while he went out partying at a Miami nightclub with his wife.  The home intruders had taken approximately $479K worth in jewelry, expensive handbags and purses.  So what did the intruders do with Chris Bosh’s NBA championship ring that he recently won last year?  They left the ring alone! The maids claim after talking with police that they did not hear sounds prior to the robbery.  Police reports suggest that it may have been an insider job so their currently looking for any leads in the case.  Why do you think the robbers were courteous enough that they left Chris Bosh’s championship ring???  For the full story go to USA Today Dot Com:

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