In the span of a month, 33-year-old actress Maia Campbell has been arrested twice. Her most recent run in with the law took place on July 5th in Santa Monica, and Campbell is still in custody with a $40,100 bail. She is allowed no visitors…though the public can contribute to her “jail account” via the internet.

In hopes of overcoming complications from bipolar disorder and her addiction crack cocaine, Maia Campbell is also spending serious time at a rehab facility at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA. That means that her and Lindsay Lohan, who is currently serving her 90-day sentence, are neighbors!
Former co-star of L.L. Cool J’s 90’s sitcom ‘In The House,’ Campbell is also the daughter of late New York Times best-selling writer Bebe Moore Campbell. Her first court date is Wednesday.

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