Rich Dollaz of Love and Hip Hop New York called Philly’s Morning ShowShamara and Laiya. Spoke on not managing Olivia anymore, compared Tara to Chrissy from Love and Hip Hop New York Season 1 and explains why he [Rich] is VERY necessary

Part 1.

Interview starts by Rich swearing that he will tell the truth during the interview. Speaks on calling Amina a “creep” said he got a lot of flack for it. Said that he calls Amina a creep all the time whether the camera is rolling or not. He calls everyone a creep. He doesn’t think that Amina really wanted to pull her driver’s license out. Said that Tara was pushing her. Compares Tara to Chrissy. Explains how he can be a voice of reason to Peter Gunz when both he and Peter act the same (as it relates to women)

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Part 2.

Talks about Tara being an actress in “real life” Talks about he and Yandy sitting back and watching the fight between Tara and Amina. Said that Amina held back on pulling out he license. Shamara asks Rich if Amina is  “U.S. citizen” The ladies ask Rich if Peter is in love with Amina

Part 3.

Rich said that Olivia comes from the year 2000 and the world changed in 2006. Olivia was not cool about putting her life on front street for the world to buy into her. Olivia missed the boat in regards to taking advantage of the reality show in regards to how Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle and Erica Mena did. Goes on to say that Erica Mena is a STAR and explains why she is. Erica is booked with paid appearances thru the end of 2013. Said that Nya is NOT a star.

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