Ice Cube Visits 'Fuse Top 20 Countdown'

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April 26th 1995

Ice Cube gave us the dopest movie of all time “Friday”.

So many quotable lines came from this movie including the ever popular “Bye Felisha”

Appearing recently on Conan, Ice Cube, who co-wrote the Friday script, called “Bye, Felicia” the phrase “To get anyone out of your face”

In 2014, VH1 even started airing a TV show called Bye Felicia. But if you’re wondering what caused it to be so popular now, you’re not alone: Google Trends shows that more and more people began searching the phrase in the last 2 years


thanks you Ice Cube for bringing us this epic 4/20 and Sunday Funday movie of all time

I remember being 8yrs old and staying up till my parents went to sleep just so I could watch this movie hahaha MEMORIES.

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