Meek Mill Finally Addresses Drake Beef & Reveals The Advice He Got From Jay Z


More than a year after his tussle with Drake, Meek Mill has finally addressed last summer’s hottest beef.

The 29-year-old rapper acknowledges he lost the battle but is quick to point out the superficiality surrounding the music world, saying:

When I see an L, that’s what I think about the most. I learned a lot from watching these n*ggas that I did a lot for in this industry. I used to always hear people say, ‘This industry’s fake. These n*ggas is fake.’ I tried to come in with the real n*gga approach to try to change them, but it’s too many against one.”

And that infamous line in “Back to Back” about him being on Nicki Minaj‘s tour? The “All Eyes On You” star took it in stride.

I thought that was live for me to have a girl that get more money than me, that do a tour bigger than me. I thought it was actually dope, to wake up, go onstage with your girl, make some money, have some good loving at the end of the night. That’s some live shit,” he said.

Despite the onslaught of memes and criticism, Jay Z advised Meek Mill to ignore it.

“I was talking to Jay. He was like, ‘Don’t be going on the Internet arguing with them. You can’t win. There’s too many against one. Don’t even try it,‘” Meek claimed the renowned rapper told him.

Meek also spoke about recording new music, which has led to him previewing a few bangers on his Instagram. And although fans have been waiting awhile, they won’t dictate when he drops Dream Chasers 4, admitting, “I’ve been going through real things. I like to take my time. Me? I never let fans determine when I drop music. I never move off the word of a fan. People can’t just tell me, ‘Drop music tomorrow.’ I don’t do it like that.’

Watch the rest of the interview below, where Meek also touches on his decision to no longer rap about violence after his next project:

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