Chill Moody

As most of America sits in limbo dealing with the realization that January 20th, 2017 is the final days of President Barack Obama as our POTUS, and the reality that Donald J. Trump is becoming our 45th President of the United States, many people are letting their voice’s be heard in an array of different avenues.

Some people complain to their co-workers, thousands will be protesting across the country, weed activists will be passing out joints, government officials will boycott the inauguration, many people will watch on T.V., some in disbelief, and some will be celebrating…

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Chill Moody raps, and today he uses his platform by dropping off this powerful track titled “This Ain’t My America“.

“I’m just trying to urge people to take a step past just having these “tough conversations” and move towards taking some ownership to the problems and making progress to the solutions — Chill Moody”

The video was made by Murdic and produced by Artiphacts. A very powerful message accompanied by compelling visuals. Don’t just watch, but listen to this message in the video below!

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