Here are The Best 8 Apps to Help Save You Money in 2018!

So you did a lousy job at stacking your bread in 2017. You’re not alone.  Each year millions of folks go into a new fiscal year with dreams of saving up money as well as investing.  However, without a game plan you’ll just be frivolously squandering your money just like every other year.   So if you’re serious that THIS YEAR will be the year you turn things around, we found a few apps that can help you out.  Check out our list of 8 apps to help you save money in 2018!

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How many times have you been told to create separate accounts to save.  You’re suppose to take a small percentage of your check and place it in a savings account to stack up.  However, as you receive your direct deposit that amount meant for saving gets spent.  DIGIT actually takes money out of your account and places it in a FDIC insured account for you. It has settings to avoid overdrafts as well as provides 1% savings bonus paid every three months, based on the average daily balance kept in your Digit account.



Ever wished you had someone to follow you around and let you know just how wasteful your spending is?  Well that’s sort of what Clarity does. It helps to eliminate unnecessary spending as well as alerts you when you’re spending too much.  Imagine being at the grocery store and getting an alert that you’re exceeding your budget. It’s a healthy reminder to keep living within your means.



Take a look at your next bank statement and pay attention to the odd dollar amounts.  $27.50, $36.25 or whatever the case may be.  Chime is more than an app, it operates as its own bank! Chime provides you with a savings account as well as a debit card that will allow you to round up those amounts to the nearest dollar and it will automatically deposit the difference into your account!  It’s a great way to save while you spend.



Looking to book a dream vacation this year?  Perhaps buy a new car or save for a house?  Unsplurge logs your goal and the dollar amount needed it and helps you get there buy monitoring your progress.   Working off of “delayed gratification” unsplurge also has online communities and features that lets you share your goal with family and friends so they are able to cheer you along the way. It’s a cool concept to help achieving financial goals that much sweeter.



Perhaps the most popular financial app, Mint comes highly recommended by credit counselors and financial planners alike. Mint allows you to set personal budgets, alerts users whenever there’s unusual activity as well as provide credit scores.  It’s a powerful tool that was developed by the same folks that created TurboTax.



Shopkick is a great rewards program for those that frequent big box stores.  Earn points for shopping in-store and online. Walk in and scan products, visit online stores and view products, and make purchases.  Points eventually turn into gift cards that you can redeem at any participating stores.

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