Black Thought Just Dropped the Hottest Philly Sports Freestyle to Celebrate the Villanova Win!

There’s no denying Black Thought’s skills on the mic.  In fact many have him in their top 5 DOA (dead of alive).  I can go as far as to say that Black Thought has never spit a wack verse in his all his years occupying earth.  He is without a God MC and every time he drops a freestyle the internet world seems to pause.  Remember that Hot 97 Freestyle that broke the internet?  Well Black Thought has done it again, this time to big up his hometown of Philly.

Obviously Black Thought had this freestyle in the chamber ready to shoot because it celebrates the Villanova championship win.  Black also was able to sprinkle in some Sixers, Eagles, and Rocky references to drive it home.  So if you’re a fan of lyricism and pure hip hop, you’l definitely enjoy this one.

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