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Zentell Harris was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Zentell attended John b. Kelly elementary school, Germantown Settlement charter school, Finletter middle school, Swenson arts and technology high school and Harcum college. She grew up with many talents such as modeling, acting, and even doing drill team. She began singing at the age of 5 and became serious at the age of 12years old as she would go to Bat Cave studio with J.I the hook king making hit records. Later down the line she would go to McFadden and whitehead studio and discuss business with Darryl McFadden who is the son of the singer Gene McFadden of the late group “McFadden & Whitehead”. At the age of 16, she was offered a deal to move out to Atlanta to do records with other artists such as T-Pain and Usher. Her mother wanted her to finish school so that she would be well educated instead of chasing an unpromising career. Zentell later finished high school and had a hit song named “Number 1” she didn’t stop there as her career was blooming from other songs she had recorded. Later when she went to college and taught herself how to play the piano on her downtime. Zentell then had performances at the Millcreek located in the West Philadelphia area and the crowd loved her original songs including local Philadelphian artist Reed Dollaz. She then met a guy named Whoa through a mutual friend in college who would find her some gigs in New York along with her manager at the time. That’s where she began to receive love from many people including Dj Don DeMarco after being on his radio show. In 2011-2012, she received bad news back at home which put her career at a hard pause so she decided taking care of her mother was more important to her. It wasn’t until 2015-2016 where she met up with a long time friend from high school named LG who pushed her to continue to reach for her goals and to keep going no matter what. Zentell then began to gain her confidence with her music again and began making hit records with LG and became apart of “Teamgenius”; things were blooming from that day forward. She had grown fans on Facebook like no other having many viewers watching her videos. Later down the line, she met a guy she loved deeply. During this time Zentell would still post certain covers to original songs but she was not focused on her music like she had been before. After a few months into the relationship, she found out her boyfriend who was motivating her to do her music was also behind her back motivating other girls as well. She then became upset when she found out one morning and even went to work crying, while at work she sat in the basement and listened to many instrumentals and came across “TRIP“ and began freestyling. She then began writing and expressing her inner thoughts about a man who she loved and thought loved her. Next thing you know she went to work with Jmogul in the studio to record the song and had Jay out NYC mix the song. Later she met a guy named Phil Meyer who directed and made a video for the song “TRIP” which was based on her life. Today, Zentell has her hands in a lot of things that she can’t wait to share with you all!! Follow her through her journey on social media as she is the next thing rising from the city of brotherly love!!

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