Essentially, true love is an unwavering, unbreaking, incomparable and intense feeling of passion and devotion for a person. It’s a connection that runs deeper than merely physical attraction, and instead encompasses an emotional and spiritual connection. Simply put, it’s feeling something so strongly for a person that life without them is practically unimaginable.

But again, how can you tell if what you’re experiencing is true love or just a fleeting lust or infatuation with someone? Well, here are eight signs to look for.

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1. You care about him unconditionally.

Through good times and bad, you and your man always come out on top. You trust each other and would do anything to make one another feel loved.

When you find true love there are no stipulations or strings attached. You love him from his core, even when he’s moody or not at his best. Why? Because you know that the two of you have something special.

2. You love him for who is he.

When you find true love, you have zero desire to change that person. You’re proud of who he is as a person and you never worry about introducing him to your friends or loved ones – in fact, you enjoy doing so because you realize what a prize you’ve found.

You don’t compare him to others or wish he was more like so-and-so, you love him for who he is, quirks and all!

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3. You’re not afraid to truly be you.

They say that true love will bring your walls down… not literally, obviously, but emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. This means that when you find true love you’ll be willing to share yourself fully and completely with your man.

You won’t worry about trying to impress or win him over, and you won’t have to think before you speak or act. Of course this doesn’t mean you should just say whatever you want whenever you want, but rather that you’ll be able to simply be yourself without over-thinking your every word and move.

Best of all, once you let him into your world you’ll have someone to share all your funny little thoughts and ideas with, your dreams and goals.

4. You stick to your word.

Not only do you mean what you say and say what you mean, but when you make a promise to your man to stick to your word. In fact, the idea of letting him down is just about as devastating as a worldly apocalypse to you.

Even if you know that he’ll never find out the truth, the idea of lying to him or betraying your man is unthinkable to you. Why? Because your moral conscious is strong when it comes to him, to the point where the idea of letting him down means letting yourself down, too. When you feel this way, well that’s true love.

5. You respect one another completely.

When you find true love you’ll have a relationship where you respect each other the utmost. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll agree on every single thing, but rather that when you don’t see eye to eye, you’ll do so in a mature and gracious manner.

You won’t call names, put one another down or belittle each other’s opinions. You care about each other too much to do that. Instead, you’ll learn how to argue in a way that is constructive and kind. After all, you will never want to be the reason your lover is upset.

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