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Since the untimely death of the legend Nipsey Hussle, we have came to realize the many things Hussle left us that we were not aware of.

For all the smokers who enjoyed 4/20, Neighborhood Nip has his own strain called ‘Marathon OG’. Marathon OG is a strain Hussle has worked on and was able to build his own weed farm full of his strain.



Nipsey has been no stranger to smoking weed. Alongside Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and many more have turned their love of smoking to a business. The strain being named ‘Marathon OG’ comes from the title of his debut project ‘Victory Lap’.

Victory Lap sales increase 2,776% after his death. The album was also nominated for a Grammy in the Album Of The Year category where he was against Cardi B, Mac Miller & Travis Scott. The award was given to Cardi B’s album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’.

Many fans wanted Nipsey to win this award due to how potent the quality of his debut album was. As we know Victory Lap was not Nip’s first ever released project. Many fans hopped on board after he dropped the project ‘Crenshaw’.

Knowing the great Nipsey Hussle has his own strain of weed now makes the choices for 4/20 much easier. Make sure be safe stay in the house, kick back listen to Nipsey’s timeless body of work Victory Lap while smoking some Marathon OG. Long Live Neighborhood.


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