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Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson took exception to former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb this weekend after the former franchise quarterback

You know it’s real when you drop the 6 snake emojis.




According to Bleacher Report “Johnson was upset about comments McNabb made on The Zach Gelb Show over the weekend. McNabb, who played for the Eagles from 1999 to 2009 and holds nearly every franchise record for passing, said the team should consider moving on from Carson Wentz if he doesn’t make a playoff run within the next couple of years”.

“I think in the next two years or so, he needs to find a way to get out of the second round of the playoffs. What Nick Foles was able to do—take them to a Super Bowl and then possibly take them back to the NFC Championship—proves that, hey, some people can get into that offense and be very successful.

“[Wentz] hasn’t been healthy. He hasn’t really proven to me, besides the year before he got hurt, in his first year, of really [being] the MVP candidate. He needs to get back to that mode.

Former receiver Freddie Mitchell had to chime in, but not in the defense of his former quarterback.

Johnson followed up on his comments on sports radio WIP saying:

“This is what I meant: every training camp we have all of these ex-players come and shake our hands, wish us good luck. Then, they just go out and just talk hate. I feel there is a lot of envy, jealously, and I see a lot of fakery. It isn’t just me—a lot of other teammates see it too.”

It’s been 20 year since Donovan was drafted to the Eagles, and after all these years, he still seems to be unable to get on the good side of the Eagles fanbase.

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