Beyonce smelling a lemon

Source: Beyonce/Instagram / Beyoncé/Instagram

The Beyhive went on the attack against Dionne Warwick after remarks she made about Beyonce in a recent Essenceinterview.

During the interview, the veteran singer touched on whether or not today’s R&B’s artists would have hits that were classics 10 years from now.

Warwick was then asked specifically about Queen Bey, who Dionne says “hasn’t reached icon status yet,” and the Beyhive swarmed Warwick causing her to take to Twitter for a “what I meant was” tweet.

“What I said is in quotes. What @Essence said is not,” Warwick tweeted. “It takes a long time to reach and achieve iconic status. That’s not to say that Beyoncé isn’t well on her way. She is a gifted performer. That was a reach from Essence,” said Warwick.

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