Cardi B Blasts Donald Trump, Says “He Don’t Care” About Police Brutality

Cardi B Calls Out Trump For His Handling of Police Brutality Matters

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Unlike some celebrities, Cardi B doesn’t bite her tongue when it comes to politics, especially when it comes to matters that affect Black and Brown communities. During a recent Instagram live session, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper had some words for the orange menace, Donald Trump, in regards to his handling of police brutality.

“He don’t care,” that’s what Cardi told her 48.2 million followers during a recent Instagram live moment addressing the treatment of Black people by the police.

“Every single time I see a black man get killed or mistreated by the police, I just keep saying like, ‘what the f–k? Nobody gives a f–k. Nobody cares? Nobody cares?’” she said. “And I stopped saying that because nobody do care! Nobody cares. He don’t care. He don’t care.” 

Bardi continued to put the divider-in-chief on blast comparing Trump’s lack of empathy to our forever President, Barack Obama’s handling of police brutality matters.

“At least when Obama was president, Obama used to always give a statement letting us know that he feels like it’s wrong. He feels it. He sees it. This guy, I know he sees it, and he don’t give not one shit. I feel like police brutality is going to keep going until he’s [no longer] president. Until he’s [no longer] president, nothing is going to be done about police brutality.” 

Cardi who has recently been very active when it comes to the 2020 Presidential election, urged her followers to learn more about the expansive list of Democratic candidates. She’s even gotten a shoutout from Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders during a recent taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

“Please get educated about these candidates so we can get this n—a the f–k out because he don’t give a shit. And shit could get worse.”

Cardi is clearly thinking about the future and knows there is a lot on the line. We salute Cardi for using her platform to educate and inform her followers on the importance of voting in the 2020 Presidential election. She sees the importance of getting Trump out of the White House.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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