Jamie Foxx Record Release Party

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Recently, Jamie Foxx was seen out with a young lady and everyone assumed that he was cheating on Katie Holmes.

It has been revealed that Jamie and Katie broke up in May but it still left people wondering about the very young mystery lady.

We now know she is 21 year old Sela Vave, an up and coming singer.

Jamie Foxx spoke with Big Boy in LA and has firmly denied that he is dating the 21 year old.

Absolutely not true. That girl hangs out with my kids. I have a 25 year old daughter. I don’t date in my daughter’s range-ever!

He went on to speak of the double standard. He pointed out that there are guys who are hustling, sleeping on the couch pursuing their dreams and you don’t assume or accuse them of anything but when it is a female she gets accused of using someone to get to the top.

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