Bhad Bhabie went off on black women who criticized her box braid hairstyle. The “Cash Me Outside” girl took to social media to call out black women who wear wigs and weave.

“To all the black females that are saying my hair (ain’t) meant for box braids guess the f**k what ya’ll hair (ain’t) meant to be straight but y’all glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian hair which is anything like your natural hair texture at all and I don’t say a g– damn thing, neither do the other cultures that you get the hair from,” Bhabie wrote on her Instagram Story.

She continued saying, “And on top of that, I’m not one of the (people) who has ever made fun of or said anything bad about girls with box braids or any type of braids. I completely agree that would be out of line and culture appropriation if I was trashing black girls for wearing braids then getting them but that’s not the situation at all so leave me tf alone or imma start getting real disrespectful.”

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