Lil Yachty Pays Fan $500 For Drinking Out Of A Toilet Filled With Pee

TIDAL X: 1015

Source: Brazil Photo Press/CON / Getty

With all of the things going on in the world, this is what ya’lls favorite rappers are using their influence to do…

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Boat and his crew were bored, cruising the internet for something to do.

They found a young person desperate enough for the insta-attention that he would do anything to entertain the rapper, his friends and the followers commenting on the live.

This kid, via video, took those on the video on a tour around him home and even into his sister’s bathroom.

In the sister’s bathroom, this young brother showed the rap star a toilet bowl full of urine and told him that he would drink it for $500.

After some coaching from the rapper responsible for the hit song, “Oprah’s Bank Account,” the boy accepted the dare, took a glass and scooped up a ¼ full of that dark yellow liquid.

Yachty not only egged him on but seemed to light up with orgasmic intrigue.

SMH check out the rest of the story and IG video HERE 

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