PNB Rock Says Pop Smoke Fired Back During Home Invasion [Video]

PNB Rock - Roots Picnic

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

PNB Rock has recently gone on Instagram live to address a few things. The Philly artist opened up about the night of Pop Smoke’s untimely death and shared some details that people may not know.

Pop Smoke was fatally shot in February following the release of is project Meet The Woo 2. As Smoke made a stop in Los Angeles he was killed at an Air BnB when a group of men broke in and shot the NY rapper. Rock went on Instagram to share that during the home invasion Pop Smoke also shot at the robbers and actually hit one of them as they were exiting the Air BnB.


This news follows after 5 men have been arrested connected to the murder of Pop Smoke.

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