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Do you suffer from tiredness that sleep doesn’t seem to cure? According to Fannie Sosa and Navild Acosta of Black Power Naps, you may be suffering from generational fatigue.

“It came from understanding that the American dream is a sleepless one,” Sosa said. “We inherited this exhaustion.” 

Black Power Naps is an initiative that includes physical installations, zines, an opera, and more. It also looks at how systemic racism affects sleep and challenges the narrative that black people are “lazy.”

Acosta notes that higher levels of cortisol can cause sleeplessness and cites that sleep deprivation was a tactic used during slave times to make the mind feeble. Acosta and Sosa are calling for sleep reparations. “We need time off, we need time out. Our ancestors never got to take a month off for holidays, they never got to take a sabbatical, they never got to take a nap. When you pile all of those together, you see the reparations that need to happen are monetary, but they’re also time and space.”

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