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Alicia Keys has teamed up with the NFL to help Black Businesses in a BILLION DOLLAR way! 

The singer and philanthropist announced the launch on an all new fund that will provide $1 Billion to black-owned companies, and the NFL is helping foot the bill. Alicia Keys told Billboard:

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“We are already seeing the blatant injustices that are going on around us. As an artist, I’m always thinking about how can I use my platform to further racial equity. This fund is one of the answers and our goal is to empower Black America through investing in Black businesses, Black investors, institutions, entrepreneurs, schools and banks in a way to create sustainable solutions.”

Alicia Keys also went ton to add that she hopes for the fund to go grow beyond the first $1 billion.

“The initial goal of $1 billion is to ensure a substantial commitment. Even with that it does not come close to closing the economic gap. The next steps are to reach out to different industries to invite them to invest in racial justice and create a multi-billion dollar endowment across business sectors.”

Internet trolls might want to think twice before coming for Cardi B!

 The ‘WAP’ rapper recently admitted to hiring a private investigator to serve a warrant to a troll who leaked her address online.

On her IG LIVE, Cardi explained:

“They be making fun of me. I ignore them. I don’t give a f***. Let me tell you something. S**t gets so intense that a Trump supporter posted my address and encouraged people to dox my home, to put my house on fire.”

“I literally hired a private investigator, and serve them with a warrant and arrest this boy. This boy was a f***ing teenager. His parents were shook.”

Woah. Is Cardi onto something when it comes to holding internet trolls accountable? Leaking someone’s address and encouraging harm to their property or family is nothing to play with! We don’t blame her.

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