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On an upcoming episode of Steve Harvey’s Facebook Watch series, STEVE on Watch, actress Gabrielle Union surprised a 10-year-fan.

Kaylin posted a video of her styling and embracing her natural hair, which went viral. In the video of her styling and profiling, she said, I just did my hair! I did! I did this! I did this, y’all. It’s so cute! Y’all, this is so cute. Want your curls to be poppin’ like this?

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Well, Gabrielle Union and her stylist praised Kaylin for her confidence. Gabrielle told Kaylin, We loved your video. It was so inspiring. It’s how we all want to feel when we wake up in the morning. You were like, ‘Yes! Yes! I am fly. I am here. I am beautiful. I’m perfect exactly as I am.’ We just wanted to celebrate you and come on and give you a virtual high five and a hug.

Kaylin was left speechless.

Gabrielle continued, Also to your mom and your aunt, how you are affirming her — and in an extension affirming so many of us who have struggled with Euro-centric beauty ideals for so long, way too long. That time is over. We are all embracing our natural selves and the beauty that exists as we are. We just want to celebrate you guys. We’re so, so happy to meet you guys.

You can see Kaylin’s surprise on Steve on Watch at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

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