VIDEO: Man Shoots At Ohio Children Playing Basketball In Akron

Akron, Ohio police are searching for a gunman driving a white Pontiac G6 with tinted windows and temporary tags who opened fire at children playing basketball on Sunday afternoon.

Police say the children ranged in ages as young as 11 years old.

“He reached in the car for something and that’s when I found out he had a gun. He put it under his arm, trying to hide it from me. He put it under his arm, holding the gun, and then I started walking away, thinking that it’s time for me to hide from the gun, until he started shooting….that’s when I started running after him (11-year old neighbor) to tell him to go into the house and I ran into the backyard, and I told my mom to come to the backdoor.” Said 15 year old Markeise Smith.

Akron police confirmed no one was hurt in the incident.

Story developing.

Arrest Made In Akron In Connection With Shooting Of A 6 Year Old Girl

8 Year Old Girl In Akron Shot In The Middle Of The Afternoon

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