signs-he-is-cheating-on-you1Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And ladies if you don’t trust your man you may have a dilemma on your hands. Since you must be his main squeeze and you don’t trust him, it must be because you think he is leading other women on. Or even worse, cheating. Men are great liars, yes, we are. There are ways to check if he’s telling the truth or not. A couple of things we can’t fool are woman’s intuition and perception to detail.

Lies are in the eyes. This is a pretty popular trick. Less eye contact implies that he doesn’t want to be seen through. You want to see if he’s getting nervous as he says the lie. Observe unusual blinking of the eyes. That is associated to lying. Translation: If he isn’t looking at you, he is messing around

Voice. Usually the volume of speaking is louder when a person tells a lie. This is because he wants to assert his “argument”. There could also be some throat-clearing. Translation: if he starts yelling for no reason, he is getting some on the side.

Fidgeting. Fidgeting is different from hand gestures. Usually when someone speaks from experience, speech comes with gestures naturally. But when a formulated lie is being told, the person usually stands still to control nervousness or stammering. For some people though, weird fidgeting clearly tells you when the guy is lying. Translation: If he can’t stand still, cut him!

Arms and feet. When a person becomes defensive they usually cross their arms. A lying person wants to escape an awkward and uncomfortable situation when he’s being confronted. Check his toes if he is angling away from you as if he’s ready to escape or if he takes a standing position as if he looks shameful. Squirming could mean anxiety. And he wouldn’t be anxious if he’stelling the truth, right? Translation: If he is ready to run, lock the door

Grin. Sporting that sheepish grin? Look at the mouth, and see if you can see the teeth. A forced smile will not reveal teeth. Translation: Show me them teeth!

Other Miscellaneous ways to find out that may suit your style a little more:For the “Crazy Chicks” (a little more fun too)

Check His Phone! Men try to make you think that if you trust us, you won’t go through that phone. But in reality, we all know that phone is the 2010 “little black book.” You can trust after you go through that phone.

Create an alter ego: Social networking is an amazing tool. For some reason, us guys think we can get away with anything. Create a fake page, with a believable picture and hit your man up. See how he reacts. (Yea, yea, crazy sounding. it won’t be so crazy when your man is setting up a date with that alter ego that he doesn’t know is you)

Conference Call: Courtesy of one of our interns here. Call your man up, on 3-way. Don’t let him know you on the phone with the other girl. Listen in until you are ready to blow, or are more in love than you could ever imagine.

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