Today, I had the chance to speak with ” Love and Hip Hop New York’s” own Jen “The Pen”about her controversial comments during a recent episode of Love and Hip Hop Season 3. As we know, a feud between Roqui and Jen turned ugly when Jen “The Pen” uddered something that can not be described as anything BUT  slight racism! Jen’ s statement “I’m white, It will get it done” was said in response to Roqui basically telling Jen she won’t get “put on” in the radio industry. Naturally this stament had viewers , especially those of African American decent infuriated!

During this interview, Jen took zero ownership of her racially offensive statements, she apologized to those who “may have been offended” but didn’t admit that her comments where wrong!Personally, I don’t think Jen”The Pen” is a racist, I believe she is perhaps sheltered and guilty of stereotyping!  Jen fell back on the ‘anger’ defense,  as she back pedaled and tapped danced around the REAL issue at hand! You could tell she was “ready to go” with her repetitive and scripted answers, BUT  of course I got some “juice” out of the situation.

In this edition on “Digital Diva” exclusives,  Jen and I talked about her and Consequences relationship and WHY there will be NO Valentines Day for the couple.  Jen also admitted that she is considering converting to the Muslim religion BUT will NEVER take it seriously enough to wear the traditional Muslim garb on a consistant basis.

The “reality lover” also talked about a title for their son Caiden’s reality show! Speaking of Caiden, Jen’s half black son.. what do you think Jen would do if a white person said ” I’m white, it will get it done,” to her son…. hmm listen to the interview to hear her response!