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John Wall is an NBA All-Star point guard who has unfortunately been on the shelf because of injuries. However, in a clip posted online, his skill at throwing up gang signs in still sharp.

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Mr. Wall was spotted in Brooklyn, looking like was feeling no pain, and repping with the Bloods. In case him throwing up the set with his fingers wasn’t enough, he also pulled a red bandana out of his pocket. Some genius thought it was a bright idea to share the clip online, it quickly went viral—and here we are.

This is where remind you that Wall was born in North Carolina, and is a talented NBA player. We’re 99% sure throwing up his set is where his gang-banging lifestyle starts and ends. He has even done so in games.

So it’s probably more likely Wall has earned respect for still kicking it with his peeps back home and maybe kicking in funds for those in need—not for putting in actual work on the streets. Nevertheless, it has become plenty of fodder for social media to get these jokes off. The cracks at John Beal’s expense are especially hitting.


Peep some of the best reactions below.

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